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14 Jun


Sports is part of my life, so I’m always trying to discover new things. This is why I’ve accepted Armando and Denis’ invitation to be part of their training program. Armando Lungu – World Class trainer will tell us a few things about the Delta Training System program.
DTS is one of the most advanced personal training and nutrition programs (one on one) in the world. It is aimed at transforming your body and your lifestyle within 90 days. The objectives are: a lean body shape, losing excess body fat, getting muscular and toned and improving cardiovascular endurance. This system really works and improves the lives of those involved in it. My aim is to do this for as many people as I can.
The training is a functional one, so we mostly have to use functional equipment that allow our body to have an unrestricted mobility. The exercises are integrated so that we use our whole body and complex so that our brain works as much as our body.
The training program is split into three main part: warming up, the actual training and the cooling down. The warm up is the most important part of the training. Failing to warm up correctly or skipping this part altogether will result in compromising the entire training session. It is a gradual transition from being at rest to the required exercise intensity. In this case we chose to do the general warm up in a dynamic way: on the treadmill – 5 minutes inclined walking at level 5.5, speed 5.5 and then 5 minutes jogging at speed 9. Once the body is prepared for exercising, we move on to the actual work-out. This consists of 6 cardio exercises ( 3 sets each) at high intensity.

The first two exercises were meant to increase the heart rate, the blood circulation and respiratory rate. They were in fact a more intense warm up- first stepper and then burpees.
The following two exercises were aimed at speeding up the metabolism, improving body posture and mobility and increasing endurance. The exercises were: swing with the kettler bell and forward lunges while lifting the arms (holding a pair of 3 kg dumbbells)
The next two exercises were fat-burners: twist with a 7 kg ball and again burpees – this time with a 7 kg ball.

The work-out ended with a series of three abdominal exercises: crunch with a 3 kg ball, opposite toe and finger touch and planks for 20 seconds.
I know it seems easy, but trust me, it isn’t. I strongly recommend you to seek the advice and guidance of a specialized trainer who can adjust your positions as it is risky to exercise incorrectly.
Keep active!!

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