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14 Nov

Train like a beast, look like a beauty!

This is a motto that I like a lot! And it doesn’t only apply to sports, but also in the daily life. Any action that involves a lot of work and passion will bring us a lot of satisfaction. But today we’ll only talk about sport, and not any kind of sport. At the end of the summer I accepted my friend’s Adriana Chiper invitation to try a new style of training. I used to work with weights until than and at more dynamic classes and I thought that Pilates are too slow for me. But as the recent changes in my life have agitated me pretty much, I began to compensate with other kind of activities. So I accepted going to Pilates. 


It’s true that I’ve lost the agitation from the classes, but regarding the effort I put in it, I had to gather all my energy to correctly execute the movements until they were perfect. It wasn’t easy, but I’m not complaining, because the motto in the title always motivates me and I always think about the benefits. Pilates addresses the ones that want to lose weight and to get toned, but without growing excessive muscular mass. 


Pilates exercises are for mind and body, executed at special devices under the attentive guidance of a professional instructor and they contribute to tonifying the body and maintaining mental balance also. The sessions are individual, the program being adapted to every client’s needs. Pilates modelates your body in a harmonious way and it addresses people of any age, no matter the physical condition, even if you are doing office work or you are a sedentary person or you have a good physical condition, you are a sporty person or a dancer. It can also be integrated in physiotherapy programmes  or rehabilitation for a fast recovery after an accident. It can also be used by pregnant women to learn how to breathe correctly, for tonifying their muscles and prepare the body for an easy birth. It’s also ideal for new mothers to get back fast to their initial figure. Unlike other forms of exercise, Pilates ameliorates the muscular asymmetry, shapes the figure and improves the balance, coordination and the control of the breath. Pilates can do all of this because the exercised develop flexibility and muscular strength simultaneously.


These are some of the benefits of this type of training as Raluca, my coach, explained to me and some of them I’ve noticed during our sessions together.  
In conclusion, Pilates is a pleasant and relaxing experience which tonifies, lengthens, fortifies and rejuvenates the body. And I want a little more free time to train at least two times a week. They say that the one who starts training in the winter will see the results in the summer, so this is the perfect moment to train with energy. You can meet me at the Pilates classes at Movement Studio, Constantin Aricescu street, no 12 and not only. More details at


P.S. And so that you can understand what motivates me at Pilates classes, I’m posting a suggestive photo with my coach, Raluca. She’s been dancing since she was five years old, she was in the National Theater and Bulandra dance crew, she has worked as dancer and choreographer at “Dansez pentru tine”, and many other projects which she will tell you more about if you have the curiosity of knowing her.




Train like a beast,  look like a beauty!
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Train like a beast, look like a beauty!
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