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18 Sep

Sephora Beauty Challenge

Beauty Challenge

As I said in the last post, makeup and skincare play an essential role in our lives. They help us highlight our features and gives us confidence.

Since I understood this things, I became passionate about the industry  which helps me evolve every day.

My 5 short beauty tips are as follows:

– natural eyebrows emphasise your eyes and contour harmoniously your  face shape

– a 10 min massage and a mask  in the evening help you radiate in the morning. I will soon show you an inexpensive and very practical massage tutorial.

– a creamy blush applied discreetly gives you fresh look,  as you touched a little by the sun.

– cleansing mask 3 times a week. Helps clear dead cells and everything you put on your skin after has a better effect.

– lip liner applied along the rim lasts much longer. Be careful though no to use a very dry product.

If you have other beauty tricks,  I’m  waiting you to share them with me, because I’m eager for information.

Kiss kiss

My kind of dinner in town! Until then just a great photo shooting with @postolatieva! Soon will be revealed! Wearing this amazing dress from @hm and golden sexy sandals from @ana_parvan

Sephora Beauty Challenge
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Sephora Beauty Challenge
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