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2 Feb

Denim essentials

Denim Essentials

It’s part of our daily routine, accompanied important moments in history,  occurs in the 17th century, comes from the city of Nimes and becomes and emblematic element in America, and in the 50s material is commonly used by everyone.

Denim, because that’s what I’m talking about, is one of the few fabrics that transited easily through time. We don’t know what would have happened with this fabric if it wasn’t for Leob Strauss. He is the one who produced the emblematic Levi’s jeans and Jacob Davis patented the use of staples for a strengthening the seams. From this point the jeans history starts, while the  designers of big fashion houses always used this fabric and kept in trend.

Denim articles are one of the important elements of our wardrobe. Jeans help us to be cool without much effort. When we speak about effortless cool, we really need to mention James Dean. In the 50s JD made popular the styling type that is now considered cool.The outfit is composed of a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a leather biker jacket. More, designers, trends, Hollywood stars and street style contributed a lot to the way we can mix and match different denim items. 

I must admit, I’m an avid used jeans fan, known more as ripped jeans. For those who want an edgy and rebellious look, this is the perfect choice. But there are many choices for those who have a more classic taste. One thing is certain, denim is suitable for all styles and there are no barriers when considering age. But don’t forget that attitude is the only label that matters!

I picked three outfits that I like very to illustrate a couple of style in which you can wear denim.

Casual cool- double denim! Don’t be afraid of double denim. If it’s mixed the right way it will never look “suit like”, on the contrary, the effect is quite cool. For a relaxed look, try a oversized denim shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and plain white t-shirt.

Yes, yes, denim can be worn even in business looks. Denim shirts with a thin texture can be combined with classic skirts or with masculine pants.

I find this outfit very feminine. So, denim can be incorporated in ladylike outfits too, where accessories play an important role. For a Tres Chic look you need a denim shirt, a pair of high waist pants and hat.

How do you wear denim?

denim essentials



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  • Diana

    Si pe mine m-ar interesa unde as putea sa mai gasesc niste pantaloni scurti ca aceia!imi plac de moooor!!:)

    February 3, 2016 at 6:53 PM Reply
  • Laura

    Blugii scurți și cei în combinație cu Air Max de unde sunt?

    February 9, 2016 at 2:36 PM Reply

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