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29 Aug

Chia and Blackberry pudding

As I announced you last Friday, we continue talking about new types of chia pudding which I adore. Today I give you a mix of chia with blackberry, which looks amazing, as you can see. This is just my inspiration for the moment, but you can play with any other fruits you want, as long as you respect some basic indications, good for digestion. Try to use just one type of fruit, either acids or sweets, because combined they make the digestion difficult (it depends really on each organisms). Therefore, when you try new mixes, analyze how you feel afterwards. There is no recipe that works well for everybody. Chia pudding (you can find the recipe here) is mixed with blackberry...
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21 Aug

Chia and raspberry pudding 

I have always enjoyed experimenting by mixing  ingredients for breakfast. Since I started working at Rawyal, I have become more creative. Today I want to show you how to prepare a colored breakfast. I was inspired by the layer colored juices which let me wonder what could I mix more to have nice and healthy wonders for the first meal of the day. I chose chia pudding and I made two interesting mixtures, colored and tasteful. (This is not only my opinion, but also what everybody from the photo shoot said). Today I present the first mixture and next week one more complex.How can you make the chia pudding? It’s easy. You need chia seeds and coconut or almond milk....
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