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23 Jul

Which type of living suits your personality

Photography by Iuliana Popescu / Make-up by Cristian Buca / Hairstyling Alina CartuI was wondering these days how the living of my dreams would look like. That space in the house that is nicely arranged, where you feel comfortable anytime and where you fill with good energy.Suddenly, I realized how many memories I have in my current living, how many pictures, how many birthdays and encounters with my relatives and my dear friends I had in here.It’s the place where we all see each other in the evening when we get home, the place where we welcome our guests, the place where all the family activities happen and by the way, it’s also the place where we will have a wedding ceremony on Sunday....
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30 Mar

Lem’s makes your home awesome this Easter

One of my greatest wishes in the last time is to redecorate my house. The color combinations I chose eight or nine years ago don’t please me anymore and that’s because my style has changed with age, and the trends changed also.The first thing I would change in the house is the kitchen. I want a countertop in the center where I can lay all the stuff when I cook. When I first saw in the USA this type of kitchen I was fascinated.I was as thrilled when I entered the Lem’s universe. I made a top three kitchens, but my favourite was, of course, the one with a middle island. And after half a day spent in the Lem’s...
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