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21 oct.

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Bring Joy into Your Life

I’m so happy to be back at you fellows with another post on my blog. When I’m looking at my OOTD, I see joy. Isn’t it? I love how all these colors work together, and we are talking about happiness. And these is how I feel. But . . .
There was a time in my life I didn’t believe I’d ever feel joy again. With a few years ago a horrible problem has befallen me and, the rosy glow of joy seemed to have been snuffed out. Perhaps you, too, have known a moment of despair that seemed so heavy even Hercules couldn’t lift it. In my case, the following tips were helpful. I wonder how they might fit into yours . . .
  • 1. Let yourself dream. Well… dears, dare to dream. And you know why it is so important? Because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
  • 2. Get a puppy. Sorry cat, fish and iguana lovers, puppies hold the title for most joyful pet! With their infinite energy, constant exploration and playful spirit puppies can tap into that part of you that just likes to have fun, which makes them the perfect conduit to joy.
  • 3. Do something creative. Fellows, the creative adult is the child who survived. Did you survive? Maybe it’s time to paint, write, sing, crochet or any other activity. Just do it, express yourself! 
  • 4. Free yourself from negative beliefs. Identify you negative beliefs, exchange them for more positive beliefs, and start creating the world in which you wish to live.  Just take a look at your attitude and your perspective. Good luck!
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