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5 Nov

Shopping in Paris with AirFrance

In all that fuss at PFW I managed to take some good hours on a day to discover interesting shopping places and not only. And because a shopping day needs an adequate outfit, I left  home with a special outfit for this. I chose a light dress from Brunello Cucinelli which I have had for many years now, but of which I never get bored. It’s from a natural material and this is very important, because it lets the skin breathe when we move a lot. I wore over it a dusty-pink oversized trench from The Front Row for NastyGal, because the moody wheather in Paris cand surprise you and for that I completed the outfit with a Zara hat. I used very few minimal accessories for lightness: a Miriam Salat bracelet (the day before I went to the showroom in Paris and I had the opportunity to discover their collection), a watch, glasses, of course and my Louis Vuitton travel bag, which I think is a sensational item when you’re travelling.  And as a shopping day requires suitable footwear I want to tell you that I chose my entire outfit based on my shoes, of course. I discovered them a while before I left and as soon as I tried them on I knew those shoes were good for long walks. I’m talking about the Hispanitas shoes, of course, which are globally known for their comfortness and it’s true. A whole day wearing them felt like a deep breath between so many days on high heels. When you go to Baneasa Shopping City I invite you to try them on and see for yourselves. The most important motivation between my choosing this outfit was comfortness, but I tried not to neglect the fashion side. I let you comment on the result. 


I have a lot to tell you about the places I discovered in Paris.
I spent most of the time in the three locations of Tranoi fair, which unfortunatelly takes place at the same time with PFW. But if you ever have the chance to be in Paris at this time I strongly recommend it to you. There are a lot of desginer who came from all over Europe, each of them having his own concept and most of them presenting high quality stuff, but niche stuff, exactly what I like. I had the chance to meet some of our designers who were there: Gabriela Dumitran, Irina Schrotter, Venera Arapu, Malvina Cervensky, Andreea Constantin (Rhea Costa) and Cristian Samfira. And because I mentioned Malvina I thank her for the restaurant recommendation. L’Avenue is a very beautiful location with good food and friendly people. It’s located on avenue Montaigne no 41 and I recommend it to you too. If you are on that avenue at least make a tour of the fancy shop windows from the boulevard. It’s one of the streets I walk on to get inspired and another street that’s just as impressive is Rue Saint Honore, where you can find the famous boutique Colette

In all this fuss I made time to stop for a cup of tea and not any kind of tea. In this trip I discovered a new brand of tea (new to me), Kusmi Tea. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but they have a fascinating tea selection and the packs are different from everything else I’ve ever seen. 

I would’ve taken home have the things in that store. It’s easy to find them in your way, because they have a good placement in all the areas of interest. You can go on for all the locations and details about the tea. 

Another pleasant experience was on Rue Saint Honore at Aesop shop. I knew the brand, but the design of the store really impressed me. Inspired from nature, only with wooden paneling in combination with the minimal design of the packs it’s the perfect mix. You find it on Rue Saint Honore no 256. The good news is that if you can’t get there, you can order online from (they deliver in Romania) and the prices are reasonable. Enjoy! 

Another nice place that I discovered and from where I bought gifts for my kids is Pylones. It’s the most colorful and funny brand I’ve ever seen. They have all kind of kitchen, desk and other accessories and, all in special designs. Go on and you’ll see for yourselves. Ingrid uses now the water bottle as a decorative object or a cool accessory for school. 

As a last suggestion for this post (there will be others) – if you want to do quality shopping at good prices I recommend you to go to Marne in Valle Outlet Village. It’s a little outside Paris, but you can get there very easy with RER, line A. You have to get off it one station before Disneyland Paris. Go on the site, to see the brand selection or through the Chic Outlet Shopping application (App store or Google Play) and you can find there details about this and other outlets in Europe. Happy shopping and don’t forget that Air France has five daily flights to Paris. 

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Shopping in Paris with AirFrance
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