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18 Jul

Meli Melo Deco in Park Lake

meli melo deco park lake
Hello, my dear ones! I’m back with new and exciting news, and it’s all about my latest collaboration with the Meli Melo brand – an accessory brand that I like a lot. I’m happy to announce I was named among the 5 Romanian influencers from different activity domains who contributed to the latest launch of the brand: Meli Melo Deco, an innovative conceptual store focusing on interior decoration.Meli Melo Deco in Park Lane Mall had its official launch couple of days ago, and it’s already the fourth such concept store in Bucharest. The shop had a great impact on all Meli Melo fans, designers and us – the ones who contributed to creating a special place that...
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6 Apr

“Shop till you drop” at Ploiesti Shopping City

My darlings, as you already know, I am pleased to be part of a great campaign for Ploiesti Shopping City. And I say great, because I had fun filming the six episodes of the series Shop till you drop. Being with my friends, Stefan Hamza & Gabriela Atanasov, meant a real fun, and inspiration, so that together we talked about fashion trends for 2017.So if you have not yet managed to see one of the four episodes so far, I invited you on Ploiesti Shopping City’s facebook page, where every Friday you can watch an episode, where me and my friends present you what to wear this year and come up with ideas for your outfits.In the first episode, we...
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8 Mar

Let’s see the new campaign with Ploiesti Shopping City

With  each change of season the new collections hit the stores. And although I follow closely the trends long before they appear on the high street, it is a pleasure to go shopping and to discover them. I did this for a week in Ploiesti Shopping City; We analyzed and structured the main tendencies in the 6 episodes of the series Shop till you drop.If you follow my blog or social networks, you know I’m on the 3rd campaign with Ploiesti Shopping City, but I liked the most this edition. That's because I was not alone. Together with Gabriela Atanasov  & Stefan Hamza, I had the funniest conversations, but also the deepest. Between shopping, filming and running around the mall,...
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23 Dec

Christmas Shopping Marathon

Pfff. It's that time of year when we are desperately running to find what we want, when we're stuck in traffic and so on. But I love it , I must admit. Even though I get angry it is a positive vibe in the air, celebration time, and this gives me a good feeling.In the last minute I got my "gang" and we went caroling. Ingrid more excited, and Harry because of moms nagging.We wandered almost all the shops, my darlings, but do not think we're done.The important thing is that we found some super nice gifts for our loved ones. From Mac 2 sets from the Nutcracker collection, from Sephora a Makeup Forever travel set and one from Tony...
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15 Dec

New Collection Carmen Negoita X Yvy Bags at Cloud 9

My darlings, I’m  super, super happy to announce that the first three models from my new collection with Yvy Bags will launched at Cloud 9. So Saturday and Sunday I’ll be waiting for you, to meet you and show you the new collection live , a collection of which  I am very proud. ☺️ If you didn’t see the event’s page,  you can find the details here. In today’s outfit  I played with  red bag, very versatile because of its size and color, mixed it with a Zara coat, decorated with messages (a must this season). The remaining elements complete the masculine look, but feminine accents.And since it’s the holiday season, I want bring you a little joy. A new bag from my...
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14 Dec

How was dinner with Stella Artois

Today I want to talk about a special evening spent with darling people & Stella Artois.I think you saw the contest on facebook and instagram in which I invited you for dinner at my house. I know I had to choose just one winner, but the responses were so beautiful that I had to choose three.I wanted everything to be perfect and I called Maison Daddoo, they came with superb arrangements and Zebra Catering took care of the food. Yes, this time I didn’t cook myself, because I wanted to make sure that everyone feels good and cooking would have kept cooking a bit more in the kitchen. Being a good host doesn’t mean just to cook...
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3 Nov

Ideas for a day in the bedroom … with you

Sometimes, when I'm alone, it happens that I don’t feel like leaving the house. Actually, not really in the mood to get out of bed. But this happens very rarely, unfortunately.  Besides two trips to the bathroom or kitchen, I do work from the comfort of my bed or a cleaning mania starts. I used to do a general cleaning, complete with sorting clothes 2 times per year. Since my schedule started to get busy, I fail doing that.Even this week I started a little cleaning, but fail to organise more than 2 drawers a week. At this rate I’ll finish in 2017 ?There will be a youtube video about organising your wardrobe soon. If you didn’t subscribe to my channel,...
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26 Sep

New campaign with Ploiesti Shopping City

If you visited Ploiesti Shopping City or checked out their Facebook page, they are very active there by the way, you’ve already seen the photos from their new autumn winter campaign, yes, yes, that’s me there. I’m very happy because this is the second season we’re working together and to be sincere, I’m starting to feel like home there. I know where all the shops are, how the collections are organised and the food + entertainment areas also. The novelty of this season is  the new Adidas concept store, the only one in Ploiesti, which was a very nice surprise. And if you wanna go shopping, let me tell you that in Ploiesti Shopping City you’ll find all...
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15 Sep

Happy Birthday to…Meee

I know you’re probably waiting for the first post about Fashion Week, but because today is my birthday I will share with you 36 things you don’t know about me. Why 36? Because I’m 36 and i’m not afraid to say my age. That’s what happens when you feel like you are 20.1. In elementary my nickname was Eminescu, because I had a wide forehead. 2. In hightschool, I had an altercation which led to a fine for disturbing the public order. 3. I played football for 8 years, but not professionally.  4. I drank coffee for the first time in highschool, to study for a biology paper. I didn’t know which was the right dose, so I drank 2 big cups. I...
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10 Sep

Charles & Ron and the Fairy Valley

A year ago I discovered this enchanted place from the pics of Alin Pandaru & I was very impressed. So, I took the kids one weekend on a road trip on the Transfagarasan road determined to see where’s this Lord of The Rings like home. On the outside it looks incredible, it’s still under construction but has a huge potential.This year, when I heard that my friends from Charles & Ron will showcase their collection at the Clay Castel from Fairy Valley, I was very excited. Couldn’t wait to see how the construction evolved, but I was very curious to see the collection also.The result was incredible! The hotel is almost ready for visitors, but even in this stage it...
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