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14 Dec

How was dinner with Stella Artois

Today I want to talk about a special evening spent with darling people & Stella Artois.

I think you saw the contest on facebook and instagram in which I invited you for dinner at my house. I know I had to choose just one winner, but the responses were so beautiful that I had to choose three.

I wanted everything to be perfect and I called Maison Daddoo, they came with superb arrangements and Zebra Catering took care of the food. Yes, this time I didn’t cook myself, because I wanted to make sure that everyone feels good and cooking would have kept cooking a bit more in the kitchen. Being a good host doesn’t mean just to cook and arrange  the table , but to make everyone feel included, in this case, my friends and readers. I say I did a good job.





A few glasses of beer later, we decorated the tree, listened to carols, it’s the season, after that, I want to tell you that we started to dance (in case you haven’t seen my snaps & instastories).We did the mannequin challenge, which of course didn’t come out right the first time, but eventually it was super fun.



I want to thank Stella Artois for the opportunity to #hostonetoremember and you, my darlings, for your continuing support.

Happy Holidays!!!




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