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4 Apr

With what we replace animal protein

Welcome back, my darlings! As I was telling you in the last episode, I promised I’ll invite Alina Stoica again in my kitchen. Since caught her free, I said that we must do more recipes! Today we talk about a problem that many of you do not know how to solve. Meaning how to replace animal protein? Many have chosen to become vegan, but do not know exactly how to supplement their dose of protein, especially those who go to the gym. Today Alina will show us some based avocado recipes, which is the most important type of food that we can use when we are vegans. Alina Stoica: Avocado is really a complete food, how I call it, that we can introduce...
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17 Mar

How to treat water retention

Glad your back, darlings! I’m pleased to have Alina Stoica in my kitchen, nutritionist, who told me about a very important subject for us women, water retention. In addition, Alina offered me three simple recipes, within reach, but very tasty, perfect for those of us who face this problem, whether it's swollen hands or feet. Alina Stoica:,, It is very important to find solutions to every problem we face, particularly healthy solutions. Let's get back to nature and find the appropriate solutions to these problems. " Well, it seems that we have found one of these solutions, and it is right on our tables. For this, together with Alina we cooked three simple recipes with green ingredients rich in...
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1 Nov

How we protect ourselves during winter

Iwas curious what appears on the net when searching "how we protect ourselves during winter" and the first two results were about vaccines, some hair ideas, followed by  "common sense” advice to quit smoking, as it is button on and off depending on the season, and then back to pills and vaccines. No article talking about the real prevention. I will not plea against conventional medicine. I used it, I use it when necessary, but I don’t abuse it. One of the things that I hate about traditional medicine is that you teach the body to be lazy. They developed a bacteria first, a disease, then of course came the antidote. They speculated peoples fear of pain greatly. And...
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21 Oct

Carrots, red lentils and nuts pate

I'm back with a new very, very tasty and healthy recipe. I know it's a challenge for me to film every week, but I try so hard darlings. I'm doing my best! Today we have a recipe rich in protein, Omega 3, folic acid and vitamin E. Sounds good, right? We begin with carrots which we bake in a tray, sprinkled with olive oil, Himalayan salt, curry and a little pepper. In the time the carrot "steaks" cooks we take care of the  lentils and nuts. Bring water to boil, turn off the heat and put the lentils in for about 10 minutes. Cook the  nuts in a hot pan with a little coconut oil and mix them until they have a nice brown shade. After...
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5 Aug

2 recipes for healthy and quick desserts

If you saw my Snapchat on Saturday, you should already know that I worked on two quick recipes for summer desserts. Last week I ordered from a big package full of superfoods, almonds, coconut oil (and yesterday I spoke on Digi24 about the numerous benefits of the coconut oil, and you’ll see it soon on screens), cocoa, pasta and some other ingredients for fresh and new recipes. I spoke often about ice-cream recipes in several articles, but this one is truly special because it contains spirulina, an alga that at a first glance does not match a delicious dessert. Oh, my dears, we were totally wrong! This alga fits very well! If you love the taste...
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8 Jun

Let’s be in shape this summer!

Let's be in shape this summer!

My dear ones, it’s the right  time to forget our excuses, myself included,  because sometimes even I am trying to find my way out, and start to get in shape for summer. We don’t have much time, but we should not panic or lose our motivation. Now that the holidays, the heavy and tasty meals  have passed, it would be appropriate to start being more careful at our meals without forgeting the exercices. Not long ago I said I wanted to lose 5 kg, do you remember the video? I am on the right track, but now that summer is coming  I want to change my training program to be...
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15 Jan

How to get back in shape after the holidays

During this period, after the holidays, we hear more and more about how to get back in shape and how the fastest solution is detox. Well, let me tell your that this detox is often misunderstood. For many, it means eating everything they can today and, tomorrow, for 3-5 days, consume only juice. And that's it! Then return to the disorganized eating habits of before. I believe this approach is more harmful to the body than not doing at all. Our body has a memory and, over time, gets used to our habits. When we suddenly decide to eat healthy for a short period of time, it gets confused. A detox should be a restart to another kind of lifestyle and our...
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14 Dec

Banana Milkshake

Welcome back to my kitchen. Today I want to show you a simple, nourishing & delicious recipe: banana milkshake. I know at first sight it seems a basic recipe, but what I do and want to get you used to do the same, is to add superfoods in almost everything you consume. Why? Because these ingredients,  in very small quantities bring you a fantastic nutrients intake without calories,  a problem which is on everybody’s mind,  who is interested in a healthy lifestyle. Like I said in the video,  I hope soon, if time will be on my part, what superfoods I have and use in my home. Surely, this will not be the last time you’ll hear me talk about them. I...
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11 Nov

Simple hummus recipe

My darlings, I met recently with Laura Musuroaea, who told me she doesn’t eat meat anymore and tries to have more, healthy diet, but doesn’t know how to diversify her meals more. So I invited her into  #bucatarialuiCarmen ( Carmen’s Kitchen ) to try together a couple of simple and delicious recipes. On my youtube channel  you will find the lunch idea, and if you want to see what we prepared for breakfast  check out Laura’s channel. For lunch I tried a simple hummus recipe with chickpeas and baked peppers, which I saw recently at Ligia Pop’s  book launch. We are proud to tell you that it tastes as good as hers. What do we need? 200g cooked chickpeas,  100 g baked pepper, 1 teaspoon...
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