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8 Jun

Let’s be in shape this summer!

Let's be in shape this summer!

My dear ones, it’s the right  time to forget our excuses, myself included,  because sometimes even I am trying to find my way out, and start to get in shape for summer. We don’t have much time, but we should not panic or lose our motivation.

Now that the holidays, the heavy and tasty meals  have passed, it would be appropriate to start being more careful at our meals without forgeting the exercices.

Not long ago I said I wanted to lose 5 kg, do you remember the video? I am on the right track, but now that summer is coming  I want to change my training program to be truly happy with my  results.  This one includes indoor and outdoor workouts and massages to help my skin and muscles, but also to relax a little bit.

I also want to take care a little bit more about my meals  therefore I talked to my nutritionist Alina Stoica who developed a nutrition plan for me. It is made to provide me the nutrients I need but also to be delicious. Ehhm I have to do this!

I was thinking to start a show to demonstrate you how my workouts look like and to keep you posted with my diet plan, but also to show you some healthy recipes. In addition, you will see  how body lotions and anticellulite massages can help us fight against water retention and especially how important muscle recovery is. I will show a technology used by athletes after their workouts, so stay tuned!

Hai sa fim in forma vara asta!
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Hai sa fim in forma vara asta!
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