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23 May

Philips VisaCare

Coco Chanel said nature gives you de complexion you have at twenty years old, while at fifty years old you will have what you have maintained. Yes, maintaining a healthy complexion is very important starting in adolescence. There is no alternative!

It is part of your personal hygiene (mandatory) and regardless of your age there are golden routines to follow: wash, hydrate, and exfoliate for a beautiful and healthy looking skin.

I sacredly follow these rules and have tried many cosmetic products. I often write reviews on my blog, similar to the interesting product review i want to tell you about today: VisaCare from Philips.

What is Philips VisaCare? Philips VisaCare is a beauty gadget for microdermabrasion that offers healthier and younger looking skin. Results can be seen as soon as after one month of use. The treatment offered by this device is suitable for any skin type, even sensitive skin.Philips VisaCare offers salon quality technology in your own home.

How does it work? Philips VisaCare comes with two interchangeable attachment heads, one for normal skin and one for sensitive skin. Each attachment head has an exfoliating surface. This allows for removal of the dead surface skin cells, and causes faster regeneration. Periodic treatment with VisaCare offers skin a radiant and toned look. The Air Lift system delicately stimulates the micro circulation using a vacuum massage.With the combined action of the vacuum massage and exfoliating action, collagen and elastin production is boosted and after four to six weeks skin looks much younger.

Use. The Phillips VisaCare design is cordless for easy use. It charges in eight hours and lasts for three weeks of treatment. Each treatment is five minutes long, twice a week.

Conclusion. After the first use, i can say I was pleasantly surprised. My skin was radiant, toned and soft.

For more details about this product use the following link and see my video below. You can also find it at Douglas in a special kit.


Photos by Rares Pulbere/Video Iuliana Popescu/Hair by Alina Cartu/Dress by Andreea BugaShot at Diseno Studio

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