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17 May

The meaning of 5

Maybe you’ve seen that lately, on Facebook or on Instagram, Romanian influencers (myself included) have started using the #hmsuperbday and #hmhappy5 hashtags. Well, that’s because H&M  is celebrating 5 years in Romania.

Should 5 be just an ordinary number? At first sight it just might seem so, but five is a number that has been attributed, throughout history, to a lot of meanings. In Chinese culture, five is the conjunction between Yin and Yang, five is the number of the heart. The Hindu tradition consigns five as the number of Shiva. The Buddhists consider that five is the number of the integrated perfection. Five is about people. Five is about… #hmsuperbday.

#hmhappy5 means 1825 days and at least as much people that have been dressed with happiness, joy and love.

Five is about the style you wear with a smile. Five translates through the happiness of colors and it’s the label of the ones that know how to dream and to create a better world. Five is H&M!

But… five is also about me. Five is about the things that define me: family, travel, fashion, sports and cooking, things that I’m completely dedicated to with a lot of love and passion. I’ve also realized something else, H&M, for five years now, has been part of a lot of memorable moments in my life.

Voila! Five is such a happy number!


Fun time, but in the meantime let’s shoot. #hmsuperbday #hmhappy5. Don’ miss all the fun on snapchat.

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The meaning of 5
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The meaning of 5
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