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Carmen Negoita / Fashion
27 Apr

Why am I passionate about accessories

Accessories have played a fundamental role for me. Everybody knows that I'm passionate about bags and shoes, I could even be called a mini-collector. I always invested in more quality accessories than clothing because, in my opinion, they make the difference in an outfit.I have over 300 pairs of shoes. My style is androgynous, but at the same time I really like to try different styles and dress in very stylish clothes, even train dresses, evening dresses or feminine sandals.I also love to mix them together, for example, a masculine suit with very feminine footwear, a lady like pleated skirt combined with a pair of sporty footwear or from the masculine area. Yes, I can say they...
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27 Jul

My top 5 summer dresses

h&m dress
Hello dear ones! I’m back from my latest holiday- at the seaside, of course-, and my head is still thinking about sun, sea and sand. But aren’t we all dreaming about summertime lounging by the pool every day? I know for sure I am. One of the things I love most about summer besides relaxing all day long with a cocktail by my side, is that the dress code loosens up, becomes more permissive and colourful. I love wearing clothes that are fluid and loose, and that bring out my best features. And because I'm being asked so often about what I like to wear on hot weather and how I love to wear my dresses, I decided...
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16 Nov

Black Friday Wishlist

One of the beautiful aspects of online shopping  is that you can do it  anywhere. As I said, I’m currently in Palau, but this won’t prevent me to spoil myself on Black Friday and order me some products that will be waiting for me when I get home. So the return be sweeter. I just found out that FashionDays will have a special Black Friday sale with brands such as Prada, Miu Miu, Coccinelle, Valentino & more, ie high end brands. But besides the exclusive selection of luxury brands, over 700k products will be reduced for about 90%. So to give you a taste of it, other brands: Love Moschino, Guess, United Colors of Bennetton, Esprit, Desigual, Pepe Jeans London, Furla, Ted Baker, Levi's,...
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14 Nov

It’s always the white shirt

Some time ago, I started to sort out 3 dressings and take out the pieces I no longer use and I had a revelation. I am a big collector,  I collect many, many things, dear true, but that I no longer use. And before I give them away I wanted to do a small show with my collections, collections that I gathered over 10 years, after having already given quite a lot of them. And no, I didn’t do this to brag, but for you to understand my passion for fashion and beyond. It began long before I launched my blog  and has grown from year to year. Many of you know about the I own several hundred pairs of shoes....
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31 Oct

Up-style your sportswear with Tommy Hilfiger

Weight loss isn’t glamorous, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish in the gym. I recently read an article written by a psychologist, who said that it is better to invest in a cool gym equipment than in an evening dress. For the dress  you must find an event or an occasion to wear it, as for the workout clothes,  you know exactly what to do with them and you go to the gym at least to pride yourself with your new purchase. Funny ? but is a hint of truth. Photos by Rares Pulbere  / Location W by World ClassEven if sport is a necessity, not a fad, it was happened to me that new clothes gave me a positive vibe and...
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10 Sep

Charles & Ron and the Fairy Valley

A year ago I discovered this enchanted place from the pics of Alin Pandaru & I was very impressed. So, I took the kids one weekend on a road trip on the Transfagarasan road determined to see where’s this Lord of The Rings like home. On the outside it looks incredible, it’s still under construction but has a huge potential.This year, when I heard that my friends from Charles & Ron will showcase their collection at the Clay Castel from Fairy Valley, I was very excited. Couldn’t wait to see how the construction evolved, but I was very curious to see the collection also.The result was incredible! The hotel is almost ready for visitors, but even in this stage it...
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17 May

The meaning of 5

Maybe you’ve seen that lately, on Facebook or on Instagram, Romanian influencers (myself included) have started using the #hmsuperbday and #hmhappy5 hashtags. Well, that’s because H&M  is celebrating 5 years in Romania. Should 5 be just an ordinary number? At first sight it just might seem so, but five is a number that has been attributed, throughout history, to a lot of meanings. In Chinese culture, five is the conjunction between Yin and Yang, five is the number of the heart. The Hindu tradition consigns five as the number of Shiva. The Buddhists consider that five is the number of the integrated perfection. Five is about people. Five is about… #hmsuperbday.[eltd_blockquote text="#hmhappy5 means 1825 days and at least as...
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29 Apr

Where, how and especially what should we wear on the 1st of May?

Despite calendars that show us that summer begins in June, most of us celebrate its coming on May 1. The days become longer and warmer, the terraces open their doors and we spend more time out. Which means we'll need more clothes or more inspiration to create new outfits every time. That’s why today I'll tell you a little bit about some pieces of clothing and accessories that you can use in various combinations due to their ability to easily adopt depending on the context in which you choose to wear them. This season seeks a good spirit, the expressiveness and the creativity. It is very important to make the right choices in terms of fashion, but we must provide...
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30 Mar

Fashion & business at Cloud No. 9 Pop-Up Store

I think there is no need to tell how much I like Romanian designers. As you saw in my posts from Milan Fashion Week, my outfits contain many pieces of clothing and accessories created by our designers which I found really interesting. I am glad we have talented people who explore their creativity and imagination. But most of all I like to find some items that fit perfectly with my personality and my lifestyle, between fashion and business. As you saw in the shopping section on my blog, I worked with two Romanian brands, YVY Bags and Urban Post. Together we developed some items suitable for both fashion and business. This weekend I will bring these items closer to you...
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25 Feb

My top 10 outfits from Milan Fashion Week – Part 1

The vibe on Milano's streets is amazing these days. Fashion bloggers, fashion editors and other influencers from the industry are trying to get noticed by the street style photographers. People watching here is great. Sometimes I just want to sip a tea at a side table and just observe this show. Unfortunately, everything is fast paced, with running from a place to another, and the in the pursuit to capture the perfect image you love other 10. In the evening you sit back and see online what you have missed.I selected my 10 favorite outfits from the thousands my photographer, Rares Pulbere, captured. It was quite difficult!Which one do you find the most interesting?Photos by Rares Pulbere...
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