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14 Nov

It’s always the white shirt

Some time ago, I started to sort out 3 dressings and take out the pieces I no longer use and I had a revelation. I am a big collector,  I collect many, many things, dear true, but that I no longer use.

And before I give them away I wanted to do a small show with my collections, collections that I gathered over 10 years, after having already given quite a lot of them.

And no, I didn’t do this to brag, but for you to understand my passion for fashion and beyond. It began long before I launched my blog  and has grown from year to year.

Many of you know about the I own several hundred pairs of shoes. I do not want to start this series with them, but with first item “fashion” that I use since the time when I didn’t flirt with fashion, I’m talking about the classic white shirt.



I attended my 18th birthday ( big thing here ) in my cousin’ suit with a white shirt and tie. I never imagined that this masculine attire, which I loved is going to be a staple my of many public appearances.

How many white shirts we talking about? A lot. But I will not reveal them  now but in my first episode of the “Collections” series on my youtube channel.

I’ll show them all, talking about specific models and how we use it +  how to make various outfits.

And if you help me sort them and I’ll gift to you two shirts. If you like the idea subscribe here, because everything will be live soon.


its-always-the-white-shirt-10 its-always-the-white-shirt-5 its-always-the-white-shirt-3 its-always-the-white-shirt-2 its-always-the-white-shirt-8


its-always-the-white-shirt-1 its-always-the-white-shirt-7

  • Ana Maria Blog

    Abia astept serialul 🙂 Sunt tare curioasa 😉

    November 15, 2016 at 12:06 AM Reply
  • Florentina

    Plicul cu coperta de carte este foarte interesant iar tu esti minunata!

    February 6, 2017 at 8:47 PM Reply

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