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3 Apr

7 Myths about washing clothes

Washing clothes is probably one of the most boring activities and yet, we don’t want to do that weekly. All my life I’ve learned all kinds of tricks related to the maintenance of clothes and ways to do it quickly as possible. Some of them have been passed on for generations, as if they were a family legacy, even if not all proved to be useful.

Photo by Iuliana Popescu / Location Fourwood Laundry

Luckily, technology has advanced and new discoveries are emerging every day with ways to clean the most resistant stain, or shorter programs, tailored to the fabric and color of your clothes. This shows that many of those precious tips are in fact myths.

I don’t know what tricks you know, or which turned out to be useful or not. I have selected the most famous 7 myths I’ve heard so far and if you want to expand the list I’m waiting for your comments.

1. Clothes washed at a low temperature won’t be cleaned well;
2. Only a larger amount of detergent will help clean the extremely dirty clothes;
3. Clothes are sorted only by color. Sorting clothes by material is a fad;
4. By adding a large amount of laundry softener, the clothes will be like new;
5. All clothes can be washed with a single washing program;
6. Combining detergent with bleach in the washing machine makes your laundry whiter;
7. Gentle clothes should be washed manually to protect them.

But between so many types of textures, washing programs and detergents, how do we save time and money? I recently read a statistic which says that the time spent on washing clothes can be up to 8 h/ week, which is equivalent to a full day of work, 5 gym session, 5 movies watched, 4 concerts or theater plays, 8 hours out in the park with the little ones or walking the dog, or 12,000 words read.

I’ve seen people who carry in their cars laundry bags daily, who waste their time at the laundry, or make at home small piles of clothes depending on how they need to be washed. Some of these piles are washed after 5 days, because we don’t spend enough time at home or the washing machine doesn’t wash quickly enough so you can finish them all until your bedtime.

How great would it be to be able to wash in the privacy of your home twice as many clothes in the same amount of time with a low energy consumption? To have all the right detergents at hand with your laptop so you can finish the latest project you’re working on?

I didn’t think it was possible, but as I was saying, technology is evolving. Recently, a new marvelous washing machine from LG appeared on the market, with two drums, washing simultaneously different colors and materials.

Furthermore, the washing machine comes equipped with:

● TrueSteam technologies for quick and impeccable steam cleaning;
● AllergyCare, which guarantees the removal of bacteria and allergens certified by the British Allergy Foundation;
● Steam Refresh for refreshing clothes in less than 20 minutes;
● Steam Softener for easier ironing.

All this to make life easier and spend our free time doing the things we like.

What features do you appreciate in your washing machine and what would you do if you had more free time? And to challenge you to answer, I bring a small gift for you. The most 2 beautiful comments gets a voucher of 100 RON from Carturesti Online Library.

Save time, stay fresh, enjoy life!!!



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