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10 Oct

Stylish outfits inspired by the new fall collection of Humanic

I have to admit that for me, fall, is the best time to experiment with my favorite colours like
camel, burgundy and browny shades which perfectly match with nature and trends.
Besides the orientation to the autumn colours, when the temperature drops, I have to do a special shopping session dedicated to shoes. I told you many times that I am crazy about accessories and shoes is the first thing I pick when I start to create a new outfit.

Speaking of shoes, I have discovered a new collection from Humanic for this fall which will definitely be my new obsession, because it’s so versatile and it blends with ease a lot of styles. As you have seen in my photos, there are days when I like to wear office and elegant outfits but there are days when I’m so busy and comfort is my priority. Well, the fall collection from Humanic helps me to feel comfortable all the long and in the same time it gives a stylish look for my outfits.

Photo by Iuliana Popescu

If you are wondering about the trends for this fall and how you will be able to create a cool outfit with the shoes from the new Humanic collection, I am going to show you two outfits which are going to inspire you for a going out in the city and also for a successful business meeting at the office.

Because the 70’s are back in the fashion and I love this trend, I chose a polka-dot dress with flounces and I put it next to an elegant pair of shoes made from velvet in the colour of wild berries. To emphasize the office attire I added a black blazer and also an oversized black envelope. The strong contrast between the black-and-white combination and the colour of the velvet enriches the outfit with a vintage and sophisticated accent.

For the second outfit I chose an oversized camel coat which is a fall must-have. To diminish the dark effect which dominates the outfit I wanted to wear a classic striped blouse which is in trend this year. And because I told you that the shoes are are the ‘’stars’ in this outfit, I opted for a pair of short boots with metallic applications which are really elegant and will give any basic outfit a special womanish effect.

Personally, I found myself in a perfect connection with the both trends that I discovered in the new Humanic collection, but I have moments when the biker boots and a leather jacket seems to be the best choice for a meeting with my friends in the city. But for a special event, I would choose a pair of sock-type boots or one sexy pair of glitterry shoes, which are statement items this season.

Do you see why I told you that I’m gonna make an obsession for the new Humanic collection? Because in one pair of shoes, I see 4-5 ways to wear it in different styles. Also, every pair is comfortable when you have a busy day and you’re in a rush but is also perfect for a fashion lover. What can I want more?

I invite yourself to discover the new collection from Humanic in stores and to experiment with the different ways of styling it.

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  • Brian

    You look fantastic wearing leather

    April 15, 2019 at 4:17 PM Reply

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