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19 Oct

Autumn at LEM’S


I’m not a huge fan of American celebrations and Halloween is not an exception. However, I love pumpkins both for decorating the house and for cooking because they strongly empower the idea of autumn. Earthy shades, warm colors, but especially orange shade get me in the atmosphere of this gorgeous season.

These days the Lem’s team asked me to join a creativity game in their showroom. I accepted the challenge to decorate three rooms in my own way. So I chose two kitchens and one living room which remind me of my own house design. Shades of orange along with strong chromatics like red or black which I chose to complete by putting all kinds of pumpkins. To decorate de traditional dinner table for Halloween I called for my kid’s imagination who helped me to transform a few raw products and fruits in a real cooking feast.

Photo by Iuliana Popescu / Dress Marie Ollie

Each experience of this kind wakes up in me the appetite for constant changes. I’m not a conservative person and I love to try each and every trend, including interior design trends. I came to realize that a simple shade furniture is cheaper, easy to suit and when my changing craziness hits, this furniture is an excellent way to test my creativity and to personalize the interior in a different manner.

Besides the fact that this inspires me the sense of home, the Lem’s furniture is easy to adapt in any space because the furniture is modular and the designs and color came in so many variations that for sure you will find something to fit your taste. Aah and let’s not forget that the furniture is made in Romania, in a local town called ‘Campina’.

I dare you to get your imagination reality and test the flexibility of Lem’s furniture in your own home until the 5th of November. There’re 50% off for all the products and you cad easily find them all over Romania. Here you can see the nearest Lem’s store.

What does fall tell you?

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