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5 Jan

My top 10 wishes for 2016

The end of the year was a little busy for me, so I haven’t had the chance to make a list with what I want to accomplish in 2016.  Only now, after the busy period ended, I managed to sit in front of my laptop and set 10 targets for this year. A list to help me to better mobilize & view clearer where I’m going and what to do better. In addition, I can return to it throughout the year and asses if I respect the proposed targets.

1. To keep me and my family on a healthy lifestyle. It sounds cliché, but it’s the most important aspect. I see and hear of serious situations that could confirm the fact that if we are health, we have the power to carry out everything necessary to be satisfied and happy.

2. To do fewer excesses of any kind, namely:

  • to eat healthier and reduce sugar consumption. Paying attention to what consumer products contain, without realizing, they have a lot of sugar, preservatives and additives. I want to eat and feed my family with more natural and healthier food.
  • to sleep  better. I have such a  busy daily schedule, that  most often I end up sleeping only 4-5 hours a night. Insufficient. Then, believing it will compensate, when I could, I slept 12 hours, but I still wasn’t resting properly. The solution is to have a sleep schedule at fixed hours.  To sleep 7 hours, ideally from 12 pm to 7 am. Including weekends.

3. To learn to be more tolerant. Almost all the friends that I have not seen in a while ask me if I found someone. They find it strange that I spend so much time alone. Well, that happens when you pass a certain age, say, 30 years, you know what you want in life, when you have a career and life experience and you’re not willing to make compromises.  I came to have have an incredibly low degree of tolerance. At the first sign of suspicion, close any conversation with a man. I want this year to be more open, to give chances, to not rely on who knows what signs seem to me to be … alarming. I have a lot of work, I know …

4. To have a boyfriend and a relationship that will last.  Having a lover is not so difficult, but as I said, the challenge is the relationship to last. And not just because I am demanding, but also because I can be a unbearable person.

5. To get back in shape. I was telling you last year that I gained weight. I managed to get rid of a big part of the disturbing fat, but now the challenged is to get fit. The work outs I do most out leave me very tired. And I can’t have rest days. I will soon show you in a more complex everything. Harder to post lately, I  know….

6. Ingrid, my little girl (even though she’s all grown up ), to take a  high grade at her examen. Yes! Starting this fall I’ll have a highschool kid. Other generation, other problems, other headaches. God help me!

7. To take two courses: nutritionist and trainer. I am passionate about everything related to a healthy life and I want to understand more of what happens to our body.

8. To perfect my English. This is my wish for years, but always leave it aside because I have no time. I started an IELTS course, but because I had only hours Friday evening when I was dead tired, I quit. So I  asked for help to be sure my English text are correct. This year I’ll  start with a few audio books, which I’ll listen in the car.

9. To resolve a part of my past legal issues, which are energy & time consuming and give me a state of uncertainty. And, as a my advice for you: if you ever need a lawyer, be very careful whom you pick. You can be betrayed by your own team! Money can indeed buy people!

10. To succeed with my family to grow Rawyal Brunch & Cakes, our little family business. Even if we managed to convince, in a year and a half, many people that  raw food  has taste, opened 3 new locations (Afi Palace Cotroceni AFI Ploiesti and Bucharest Mall), we have a lot of work. There are still people reluctant when it comes to the taste, people think we are a cult, that you have to become 100% raw vegan consumer from the first time, etc. We have plans to make tasting and info classes, as many cooking workshops, plus recipes on my Youtube channel. And who knows, maybe to open the  first  Rawyal Brunch&Cakes franchise in an European capital …

If you haven’t done your 2016 wish list, I advise you to do so. Never too late to make targets. January is a good month for planning.

Gotta go to a strength training. Already working on point 5, as you can see :).

Kisses and wish you a wonderful 2016 with many accomplishments!

PS. Shooting was conducted for The Grand Magazine, an interview about healthy food made by my dear friend Tatiana Ernuteanu. If you have not yet seen the magazine, you can still find it at Marriott.

Thanks Silvia Postolatieva for great photos and Fior di Poesia for location.

MUA Cristian Buca, Creative Hairstylist – Alina Cartu

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