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12 Jan

Five reasons to choose short hair in 2016

The new year couldn’t start without a little look change. It isn’t a radical change like last year, but, truth be told, I ended up wishing short hair like my son.
I always wanted this type of hairstyle and I don’t regret taking this step. Lots of my friends ask me if it’s easier or more complicated to maintain this kind of hairstyle.
So, I thought of 5 reasons why should get a short hairstyle.

  1. I style it in 5 minutes. Don’t imagine that I don’t need to go the hairdresser… But not so often as I did when I had long hair. And, thank God, it’s very good, because in those hours I spent at the hairdresser, now I get work done. After a workout, in 10 minutes, I whip myself a decent hairstyle just with a brush and blow-dryer. The most, I use a bit of hair gel and give it a bit of shape. It’s equally easy on holidays too, as I don’t have to desperately seek a hairdresser. In addition, when it begins to grow, it is not necessary to immediately run to the hairdresser; I can touch up with a hair clipper like the one from Babyliss.
  2. It highlights my facial features. We hear all the time that long hair is evidence of femininity. I believe, however, that short hair brightens up your face, emphasize the eyes, cheeks, lips, face shape, and this can be very sexy. Naturally, do not imagine that you will be to everyone’s liking, but I do not think you want that, right?
  3. I can easily switch from a punk look to a chic or retro one. Depending on the outfit I’m wearing I can choose the hairstyle that suits me. With volume, lying down, natural … Any style can be achieved on a short hair, even with less effort.
  4. I’m trendy. “Everyone is going short”, wrote Marie Claire. I wanted short hair for almost two years, but I have not trimmed it to be really trendy, but because I think it represents me. But I’m trendy, the better!
  5. It fits much better with my androgynous style. I’m not anti curls, super fitted dresses, but I don’t think they fully represent me. Instead, masculine suits with short hair and heels is my concept of being sexy. View Post

Photos by Rares Pulbere 

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These are just five reasons why I’m glad I’ve cut my hair . Surely there are more. If you see yourself in my description and want to choose a short haircut, you should consult an experienced hairstylist. He can choose the haircut that suits your face shape. Then, after you’ve trimmed between salon visits, go to retouch it slightly with the clipper. Only retouching I stress :).

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If you already have a very cool short haircut, I would be happy if you send me a picture to see you or tag me on Facebook or Instagram. I’m still in the experimental phase, so I’m open to ideas. #pixiecut is next 🙂

I wish a 2016 full of look changes!

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