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27 Apr

Why am I passionate about accessories

Accessories have played a fundamental role for me. Everybody knows that I’m passionate about bags and shoes, I could even be called a mini-collector. I always invested in more quality accessories than clothing because, in my opinion, they make the difference in an outfit.

I have over 300 pairs of shoes. My style is androgynous, but at the same time I really like to try different styles and dress in very stylish clothes, even train dresses, evening dresses or feminine sandals.

I also love to mix them together, for example, a masculine suit with very feminine footwear, a lady like pleated skirt combined with a pair of sporty footwear or from the masculine area. Yes, I can say they I’m mad about bags and shoes, but I also like scarves with different prints or the hats I especially wore when I had long hair! I can say that my personality is deeply marked by the accessories I choose, because they talk about me through colors, shapes and details.

As far as the daily clothes that I choose, they depend on how I feel at that moment.Every time, I like accessorize as cool as possible so I won’t have a monotone outfit . Whether it’s a pair of oversized earrings, a colored bag or sunglasses in a more nonconformist pattern, little details are never missing from my outfit. When I wear my favorite accessories, I feel more confident and walk taller and smile on a busy day.

I have often felt how an outfit accessorized in an interesting way can attract many positive opinions and appreciations. At every event I go to, but also in my everyday life, when shopping or when I take my kids to school, I get dressed so that I feel good in my skin, comfortable and say something through my look . I never forget to accessorize, even if I’m in a hurry. The truth is that I like when my clothes are appreciated by my blog readers, those who follow my Instagram, and people who are known in the fashion industry. Indeed, the way I choose my accessories reflects my personality, and the beautiful words addressed to my style are automatically categorized as appraisals of me as a person, not just of my work.

Every accessory I wear either has an interesting story, or I loved it because it is part of a beautiful memory. I often associate accessories with moments of life, and that gives me a certain state when I wear them. An accessory I wore and played a major role a pair of shoes with from Sergio Rossi.

If I could, every day, I want to “conquer the world,” and I even wake up every morning with this thought. When I have a very important event, I wear my favorite outfit, along with accessories that talk about my personality. I know how much small details matter, so I never forget to add accessories that make me feel more confident. I am one of the people who believe in the non-verbal language of the style, and I love to communicate through my look.


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