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28 Aug

The hair care with the special ingredient caffeine

Since high school I was fascinated to make hair changes. Though I was not a great fashionista, letting me brush up or oxygenate my hair seemed the smartest possible thing.Meanwhile, my dress style has changed, but the hair wrath has remained the same. From bob to extensions, from blond to black blue, everything you can imagine making your hair I have already tried.After each stylistic experiment, a series of intensive treatments followed to bring the hair to a normal and healthy state. That until I had the next inspiration, obviously.But with time, I tried to make gradual changes, because although nature was generous and all my hair was regenerated, after age, things are not that simple anymore.As...
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12 Jun

A relaxing dream weekend at Ana Aslan Spa

Hello my dear ones! I don’t know about you but my body is here and my mind somewhere else.. far, far away - on a beach to be more exact, surrounded by palm trees, hot sands and crystal-clear waters. But instead I’m right here in front of my laptop, preparing to tell you the story of my past weekend. The reason I got into this vacation slash chill mode is the weekend I’ve spent by the seaside one week ago, that came at the perfect time, after a kind of chaotic past period for me. So as soon as I saw the opportunity, I took it, and I couldn’t be more pleased about it! Hence my sunny,...
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7 Nov

All about Power Plate

I've always been attracted to all kinds of sports equipment, body shaping, actually, everything related to facial and body care. I didn’t even have a blog and I was reading glossy magazines, including buzz in the beauty pages or I was googling for new stuff and what I found interesting, I tested. Back then I discovered Power Plate, which I'll tell you more about today, and Cellu M6, Hydrocolonotherapy and many more which I’ll write about in the future. I am a big beauty / young addict and I like to share everything I test. I first tried Power Plate in a spa, later in a gym, and a few months in my home, but a smaller version of the device. If you have...
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31 Oct

Up-style your sportswear with Tommy Hilfiger

Weight loss isn’t glamorous, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish in the gym. I recently read an article written by a psychologist, who said that it is better to invest in a cool gym equipment than in an evening dress. For the dress  you must find an event or an occasion to wear it, as for the workout clothes,  you know exactly what to do with them and you go to the gym at least to pride yourself with your new purchase. Funny ? but is a hint of truth. Photos by Rares Pulbere  / Location W by World ClassEven if sport is a necessity, not a fad, it was happened to me that new clothes gave me a positive vibe and...
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25 Oct

2 effective strength training

I was "owed" you a video from the "Let's be in shape this summer" series, series that has not ended and will continue this fall. I need to think of another name. Maybe you can help me and I with an idea. ? In debt because I  posted  the clip on Youtube and I did not share it with you on the blog and on my social channels. You can follow me on youtube and be the first to know everything that I post there, because sometimes I post them on the blog with a little delay. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! In the video I'm telling you about about  two effective strength exercises that if you follow consistently, you will see results quickly. The...
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31 Aug

5 natural masks for a damage hair

I was telling you, in a Facebook live session, about my regenerative masks for damaged hair. After 2 recent dyeing sessions, my hair and scalp need to be hydration. Every week, I try to do at least one treatment, sometimes at the salon, sometimes at home, but a week won’t pass without doing something. Even before, when I didn’t have such damaged hair, I didn’t neglect the treatments, but didn’t do it so often. In todays video, I choose a mask designed by Vegis exactly for damaged hair. I used to buy separate oils and combine them as best as I could and knew. I find it very interesting that they just sell them as a package and teach you how...
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12 Jul

How I made my silver hair

 I confess, I adore change! You've noticed that I changed styles easily and when it comes to hair I get bored really quick. Last year I went from long air, to a bob and then a short look that became shorter.  When I finished with the hair chopping, I started to test different trendy hair colors. A while back, my hairstylist, Alina Cartu, asked me if I want to try a silver shade, of course I said yes immediately.Lots of people asked me if after all the changes my hair is still healthy. So, I decided to show you this video with the whole transformation process and a couple of tips and tricks from Alina on how to take care of...
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8 Jun

Let’s be in shape this summer!

Let's be in shape this summer!

My dear ones, it’s the right  time to forget our excuses, myself included,  because sometimes even I am trying to find my way out, and start to get in shape for summer. We don’t have much time, but we should not panic or lose our motivation. Now that the holidays, the heavy and tasty meals  have passed, it would be appropriate to start being more careful at our meals without forgeting the exercices. Not long ago I said I wanted to lose 5 kg, do you remember the video? I am on the right track, but now that summer is coming  I want to change my training program to be...
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23 May

Philips VisaCare

Coco Chanel said nature gives you de complexion you have at twenty years old, while at fifty years old you will have what you have maintained. Yes, maintaining a healthy complexion is very important starting in adolescence. There is no alternative! It is part of your personal hygiene (mandatory) and regardless of your age there are golden routines to follow: wash, hydrate, and exfoliate for a beautiful and healthy looking skin. I sacredly follow these rules and have tried many cosmetic products. I often write reviews on my blog, similar to the interesting product review i want to tell you about today: VisaCare from Philips. What is Philips VisaCare? Philips VisaCare is a beauty gadget for microdermabrasion that offers healthier...
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