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29 May

How to Care for Your Skin Properly

My darlings, today we are back in the kitchen with my good friend Alina Stoica. What will talk about today? Well, it’s the biggest organ of our body … the skin. Alina will tell us about its importance and how we need to care for it, how to clean it, hydrate it, and find out which are the enemies of dry skin.
Here are the things you may not have known about your skin, but also a couple of advices Alina shared with us in this episode.

The health of our skin is closely related to the health of our body, what is inside is reflected through this organ. Since the liver, kidneys and lungs no longer deal with the idea of removing toxins, the skin takes on this function of detoxifying, purifying our body, which is why we notice a different texture, a lack of elasticity, a low shade of Skin, depigmentation. For example, psoriasis or herpes appear in this context in which the skin reflects what is happening in our body, both emotionally and from the point of view of organ imbalances.

Also, we can often associate thyroid disorders with dry skin, reduced elasticity, any texture modification should raise some question marks, do some blood tests to see if all parameters are normal, So we do not try to solve a local problem, but to go about the cause and not the symptomatology.

Hydration is very important. There are more and more people who do not have time to drink water and do not realize how important is every one hundred milliliters of water and we have the wrong messages in relation to the ratio of liquids in general 2 l per day. Well, this is not a good message because you need to customize the intake of liquids according to body weight, daily activity and lifestyle. We can generalise the whole population, regardless of the age at or the daily activity.

We can also notice the dehydration of our body and on our scalp. We often associate these scabs on the scalp with dandruff. In fact, this is a clear picture of the level of dehydration. There are all sorts of body assessments so we get the right information about our body composition and at least we should get an alarm signal and start to take care of us. Our health is closely related with a proper supply of water and with our skin of course.

I notice in many patients a slightly modified texture of the skin, especially the dryness part, but also an extraordinarily visible start of dead skin. Well, it must be removed so that the skin benefits from the applied treatments, otherwise it remains a protective starter that will not allow proper penetration at the cell level.

A very important step in moisturizing and cleansing the skin is exfoliation, and for this we will prepare a scrub.

Here’s what you need:
Sugar – if we try to remove it from our diets, we can use it on our body for beneficial effects.
Cinnamon – for an extraordinary smell that could bring the scrub, for our moment of indulgence, but also for stimulating the peripheral circulation.
Mixed oils – almond oil, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower and olives – to adjust the texture of the scrub; Essential oils deepen this effect of scrub by the therapeutic role they have. Depending on what we want to get, we use the right essential oil.

For example, juniper helps a lot in eliminating water retention, rosemary has the same effect as juniper, but also on “kitten pillows”, as some of us call them. Oranges also have a relaxing role and at the same time bring multiple skin benefits. If we have certain inflammation or bacterial problems, we can use tea tree oil. Each oil has a wide spectrum of action and it is important to use it as often as possible.
Vitamin E – to enhance the moisturizing effect of this scrub.

When Alina asked me what essential oils I have in the house to prepare this scrub, I found that I actually owned a small pharmacy because I like to use them in masks. So I can say I’m good in this area! I have a book that explains the benefits of each oil, and when I went to the pharmacy to buy some, I took out my list. Guess what. I came home with a bag full of oils!

Usually I use this scrub in a wet sauna, after the pores open or after a warm bath and massaging it with a glove.
Alina told me that it is important and how to apply this massage: from the toes, with circular movements to the upper part of the body so that we activate the lymphatic system and enjoy all the benefits of oils and of the ingredients.

I hope you’ve learned many of Alina’s tips for a more beautiful and healthy skin, and if you have any other questions, do not forget to ask them in the comment section. See you next time!

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