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12 Jun

A relaxing dream weekend at Ana Aslan Spa

Hello my dear ones! I don’t know about you but my body is here and my mind somewhere else.. far, far away – on a beach to be more exact, surrounded by palm trees, hot sands and crystal-clear waters. But instead I’m right here in front of my laptop, preparing to tell you the story of my past weekend. The reason I got into this vacation slash chill mode is the weekend I’ve spent by the seaside one week ago, that came at the perfect time, after a kind of chaotic past period for me. So as soon as I saw the opportunity, I took it, and I couldn’t be more pleased about it! Hence my sunny, happy, take-it-easy mood!

So after a few days of over-working and feeling overwhelmed and caught up by all kids of tasks and problems, I took a couple of days off and escaped at the seaside. And not by myself as I used to in my twenties, but took the kids with me as well! We checked in at Ana Hotels in Eforie Nord – a SPA hotel situated in a peaceful town by the sea, where you can enjoy an exciting senzorial experience right at the shore. What surprised me most was the high number of tourists that were staying at the hotel, and this made me feel like I wasn’t even in Romania after all! I was glad to see that we have so many foreign people that choose Romania for their holiday getaway!

The hotel itself feels like a oasis of calm and peace, where the sky is so clear that you can count the stars at night and hear the birds wake you up in the morning. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to wait for the summer to go there – you can make use of the pool and the large garden surrounding the hotel whenever you don’t feel like going to the sea, or when it’s simply not warm enough. I feel like it’s the ideal place for couples and families with kids – whether small or teens, because there is something to do for each and every one of us. Especially for us, ladies!

Now you’re probably wondering what I was up to during our stay there. Well let me tell you I was busy with…ME. I took it as a weekend for me, myself and I, as a getaway where I was busy pampering myself and I enjoyed every second of it. Between SPA appointments, good food, walks on the beach and a lot of rest, I thought about how important it is to take a break from the chaotic lifestyle in the city and

The SPA has some really grea treatments on the menu, but I dived right into the wrap-in-chocolate and the facial massage. Can you blame me?!

The wrap-in-chocolate procedure is a treatment that helps cleanse the skin and stimulates the body circulation, and that leaves you with the skin alike a porcelain’s doll – hydrated and super smooth. I equally enjoyed the facial treatment which includes drainage and regeneration massages along with hydrating masks that prepare your skin for the sun or- vice-versa – helps restore the skin after a long exposure under the sun rays. I personally was very pleased with both of them and would have done even more if I had the time, because the SPA’s menu has a wide range of options to choose from.

• Massages and Relaxation Therapy, which include mud wraps, Indian techniques, hot stones massage, reflexology, anit-cellulite massages and much more

• Anti-aging Treatments, like mesotherapy or hyaluronic acid treatments

• Detox Treatments with procedures like lymphatic drainage, green-tea treatments or special packages designed for achieving perfect legs (I should definitely try this one!)

• Facial Treatments, which are based on lifting procedures, 24K Gold masks or special eye treatments

• Slimming and Fitness Programs, which include my wrap-in-chocolate procedure, algae baths or legs sculpting treatments

• Special Packages designed for Men, like relaxing or energizing massages, hydromassage, under-shower massage, kinetotherapy or electrotherapy

As you can see, there is something for everyone, and sometimes a weekend is not enough time to try out everything you would want to.

The good news is that even if you come “in formation” (with the whole family), you don’t have to worry about the kids. While mom and dad enjoy the SPA, the kids can enjoy the entertainment programs that the hotel has to offer. From activities in the kids club, to group games and mini-disco, to the outdoor pool and the huge garden where they can feel free to enjoy themselves in peace. There is also the option of swimming lessons for the bigger kids who want to learn something new.

Shortly, it has been an experience that stimulated all my senses in a dreamy location, and I recharged my batteries for a whole month. I recommend it to everyone who needs a breath of fresh air by the seaside or for the ones adventuring with the whole family. Next time I’m going for the yoga, pilates and aqua gym classes – but I’ll keep you posted about those ones!

Enjoy and have a sunny holiday

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