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7 Nov

All about Power Plate

I’ve always been attracted to all kinds of sports equipment, body shaping, actually, everything related to facial and body care.

I didn’t even have a blog and I was reading glossy magazines, including buzz in the beauty pages or I was googling for new stuff and what I found interesting, I tested.

Back then I discovered Power Plate, which I’ll tell you more about today, and Cellu M6, Hydrocolonotherapy and many more which I’ll write about in the future.

I am a big beauty / young addict and I like to share everything I test.

I first tried Power Plate in a spa, later in a gym, and a few months in my home, but a smaller version of the device. If you have seen my snaps or my Facebook lives, you know what I mean.

It is a device that is used for  weight loss, toning, and in physiotherapy too.  It uses multidirectional vibrations and creates 25-50 vibrations per second, which forces the body to respond every time and lead to higher capacity in coordination, increases stability, strength and endurance.

The workouts are quite short, 15 minutes following various exercises that come with the device.

It is very good for those who are recovering, but for those who want to lose weight, and increase their stamina, I recommend you to combine the workouts. 

I said it before and I’ll say it again, for ladies who want very fast results. You have to take action in several directions: balanced diet, varied  but constant workouts and body treatments. It’s the recipe that worked every time for me.

Enjoy the workout and have fun


Photos by Rares Pulbere / Location Piatra Online









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