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12 Nov

Top travel applications

I wrote in my last travel post how much I like to travel. However, most of the time time, however, budget, and time does not allow me to do this as often as I’d like.

I want to explore and visit at least once every country on the globe. But some destinations inaccessible, as was Panama. Many friends and readers have asked me how I got there and why we chose this country.

When I have time, I read about unique  destinations  and I love to explore everything new. Known roads are also interesting, but they lack adrenaline.

I wrote about Panama in to long posts. If you didn’t read them, go here and here.

This week I started a new experience, a country even more unique, Palau. I did not know where there is on the map, until I saw the offer.

I bought airline tickets in February and if I if you have the curiosity to see on the map where it is, you will understand why the price of 360,370 euros (don’t remember exactly) seemed to me a great offer. Suffice to say that we flew two days to arrive here?

Normally Palau flights are easily more 1500 euros in this period and of course I could not miss this opportunity. ?

I missed a Cuba offer, another destination on my wishlist, because I didn’t decide on time. It happens with this kind of deals. They don’t really leave you time to think. Take it or leave it. They are system errors and before someone corrects them you must decide.

I have several sites and applications that I check out when I want to travel randomly. So if you love to travel I recommend you study them occasionally. You never know what offer you find.

Travelator is a Romanian site made by two graphic designers where you can finds tips from where you can buy airplane tickets, accommodation, etc. at great prices. You just need to know to book your tickets yourself and have a credit card. Easy right? Right now they featured an offer for Sicily – 7 nights, flights, accommodation with breakfast at 137 euros. Check available periods and if it suits you go for it. It’s a deal !!!

Holiday Pirates is a super cool website full of deals, the only problem is that there are no departures from Romania. So you need to add the flight to London. There are other applications of the Pirates series, with starting points from other countries. I saw Germany, USA.

Fly4Free have a Facebook page, which I follow. Their deals are with departures from various European cities. The latest offer London – Varadero 219 pounds. Cuba is calling me ?

If you have tips on cheap fares leave them in a comment.

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Be right back  with pictures and info from Palau.




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