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3 Apr

7 Myths about washing clothes

Washing clothes is probably one of the most boring activities and yet, we don’t want to do that weekly. All my life I’ve learned all kinds of tricks related to the maintenance of clothes and ways to do it quickly as possible. Some of them have been passed on for generations, as if they were a family legacy, even if not all proved to be useful. Photo by Iuliana Popescu / Location Fourwood Laundry Luckily, technology has advanced and new discoveries are emerging every day with ways to clean the most resistant stain, or shorter programs, tailored to the fabric and color of your clothes. This shows that many of those precious tips are in fact myths. I don’t know...
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24 Aug

Why I chose to be a blogger

Three years ago I didn’t know anything about blogging and I still have more to learn. I knew that I was reading fashion mags & books for pure pleasure, strolling the streets & window shopping, I had a luggage full of make up, even though I didn’t know how to use them properly.  Still, I loved their colours, packages, fragrances & the feeling that they gave me when I was buying them. In time, I stopped impulsive shopping.. ehm, I still do it sometimes. I wasn’t passing through the best period of my life, so I decided to do something I love, a kind of an antidepressant treatment if you’d like, a very excellent one to be sincere. Blaming the zodiac here,...
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22 Mar

5 unusual things to do before entering a relationship

Darlings, I’m not an relationship expert, but I want to share a couple of life lessons I came across along time. Some of I have reconfirmed by talking with people who have gone through similar experiences. This is for the women following me, but that does not mean things do not apply to men also. If you are someone who knows what you want from life and compromise isn’t in your character, I have to tell you "Welcome To The Club". 1.Check his social media platforms. I know it sounds creepy, but it would not hurt to check his Facebook or /and Instagram account. Social media platforms have become a kind of CV. It is better to do it before entering the...
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14 Feb

The naked truth

"Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart" said Charles Dickens. Why should we do this? Love means communication and intimacy. Even though we live in a communication obsessed society, in reality, the human relationships came to a point where they lost their essence and most of the times are limited to simple "smiley faces". People forgot the meaning of a real relationship based on sincerity, dialogue and feelings. Many consider that being transparent in the eyes of your partner, means being naked, exposed and vulnerable. But who doesn't accept love in a sincere way can't truly live. Maybe it's time to let go of fear, anxiety and selfish feelings and understand that the love bestowed and communicated...
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5 Jan

My top 10 wishes for 2016

The end of the year was a little busy for me, so I haven’t had the chance to make a list with what I want to accomplish in 2016.  Only now, after the busy period ended, I managed to sit in front of my laptop and set 10 targets for this year. A list to help me to better mobilize & view clearer where I'm going and what to do better. In addition, I can return to it throughout the year and asses if I respect the proposed targets. 1. To keep me and my family on a healthy lifestyle. It sounds cliché, but it’s the most important aspect. I see and hear of serious situations that could confirm the fact...
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4 Aug

5 pieces of advice for the person I was 5 years ago

I was challenged a few weeks ago by (which celebrates 5 beautiful years) to write 5 pieces of advice for me, the one from 5 years ago. Only relaxed, in Cluj I made time for a little retrospective. I realized that 5 years have passed since I changed my prefix with 3, 5 years since I’ve divorced, 5 years since I’ve looked to change my domain of activity. How do you get from hotel industry to wellness club to lifestyle blogger and raw vegan restaurant? I haven’t got the slightest idea, but I freaking love what I’m doing right now. Well, I admit that the time I worked at the wellness club was also a great period in my life....
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