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24 Aug

Why I chose to be a blogger

Three years ago I didn’t know anything about blogging and I still have more to learn. I knew that I was reading fashion mags & books for pure pleasure, strolling the streets & window shopping, I had a luggage full of make up, even though I didn’t know how to use them properly.  Still, I loved their colours, packages, fragrances & the feeling that they gave me when I was buying them. In time, I stopped impulsive shopping.. ehm, I still do it sometimes.

I wasn’t passing through the best period of my life, so I decided to do something I love, a kind of an antidepressant treatment if you’d like, a very excellent one to be sincere.

Blaming the zodiac here, I’m a perfectionist Virgo. I wanted to do everything by the book, talked to a couple of professionals who helped me to make it look profi. For me, this was supposed to be a hobby and I never imagined to make money out of it. My job is my job and blogging is extra. But when you start and you are surrounded by  creative people, beautiful projects start and everything transforms in a rush.

An entire  year I went and went through my  wardrobe trying to make my outfits more interesting, I did some styling classes, I tried to better understand social media, I went to fashion weeks, I took a makeup course and  so on. Consumed a lot of energy  & money, but that gave me great satisfaction. Just like that, slowly, I grew the blog and became what is today

The blog will be 3 soon, but because of  the multitude of experience I had in this whole time, I have the sensation that I blog for a longer time.

As you know or not, along with my family we own a brand of raw-vegan food, Rawyal Brunch & Cakes, and many times they asked me to give up blogging and get more involved in the kitchen where I like to experiment.

But if I lock myself for four days a week in the kitchen or in the restaurant, I would probably no have time for my other projects. So I try to share my time more equitably between the two areas, plus my house and children.

A reader recently told me that she would like me to post more often … and I wish that too, but sometimes I do not know have time to write or take pictures. Even now, as I write this, it is 1:00 AM and I hope that tomorrow the article will be translated and posted on the blog.

The dreamy attitude of the post and the location of the station today inspired to go back in time and  remember the beginning. To tell you about how and why I started this, what it meant and what it means to me.

And if you are wondering, I’m wearing  H&M shorts and shirt,  very old Mihaela Glavan sandals, but which I wear with pleasure and Musette bag.

Photography by RARES PULBERE

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