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19 Aug


Like everybody, I dreamt about the vacation as a I child and some of my favourite memories are the trips with my grandparent at Saint Ann Lake & the bear encounters. When I was invited to rediscover Covasna along with a fun group of people, I said yes instantly.

Traditional goodies, the famous “palinca”, mofettes and lots of treatments and adventures. That was my 3 day intense trip in Covasna.

The road from Bucharest to St. George was a good opportunity to get to know my colleagues better, and after the first shot of “palinca” at Nobilis Potio we became instant friends. For me, which drank alcohol for the first time at 30, tasting “palinca” was an unique experience, also a first. I have a lot of tasting to do. I was delighted by the interesting combination of powerful alcohol and intense fruity flavor. Palinca Potio Nobilis won many international awards and I understand why, the  distillery is computerised and the process takes place at a higher level. The prices match its level. I don’t know much about alcoholic drinks, but if you are a fan, you need to visit them.

In St. George I learned about the Pocket Guide app which was used for a short guided tour, against the clock to be sincere. I liked the city, small but very neat and charming.

Before we arrived at the hotel, we made a few strategic stops. In Ojdula at the Tourist Information Center, I prepared an original recipe , Kurtoskalacs or as it is known worldwide, Kurtos, which I ate afterwards, delicious!

Then we visited the St. Emeric fortified church, from Ghelinta. A church from the XIV century with impressive murals from the legend of St. Ladislas.

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Apoi, am vizitat biserica fortificata Sf. Emeric, de la Ghelinta. O biserica din secolul al XIV-lea cu picturi murale impresionante din legenda Sfantului Ladislau.

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After this stunt we finally arrived at the hotel and Balvanyos, of which I heard only nice things and I was very curious.

Plus I did not want to miss the sunset and I didn’t. The hotel is positioned in the heart of the forest and has greenery everywhere, a very large spa,  an adventure park that we’ve tested of course, but the most exciting moment was when I saw four bears coming down slowly from the forest to the pit where they knew  they’ll find food. In fact you risk to run into bears in all the area as well as at Saint Ann lake.

Together with Adventure Expert, because they organized the SUP session also, we crossed the mountains in an 9 seats ATV, I had the chance to drive it and could not miss that. For the first time I drove a Mountain Cart also. The adventure day was definitely my favorite and I can not wait to get back, but this time with the children, who were very excited with my stories and pictures.

And since I mentioned the St. Anne Lake, I want to say that I tried SUP  there for the second time. On a plate smaller than the one in Tenerife, adapted for the smooth water of lakes. I stayed there about 40 minutes admiring the beauty of the place.

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If you visit the area you should not miss the healing mofettes. There are many outdoor  ones (Apor, Pucioasa Cave), but also in the treatment centers such as the one from Hatuica.

I know it sounds like a one week trip, but believe me there were only 3 days, transportation included. Aaa. I forgot to mention that we decorated gingerbread, I was in Harale, the coopers village, I saw how a barrel is made , I was in Cernat Center Malomkert, where we ate homemade bread with potatoes, which was absolutely delicious and last but not least,  I tried a sour cherry cream soup, tastes like a smoothie. ☺ Pfff. And there were so many things to see and do.

I love to visit my country and do this quite often, as you saw on Instagram and Snapchat. I really think we have a lot to show, but unfortunately we do not have people to showcase them at their true value. And I do not speak only about the local authorities but about each and one of us. We do not know how to respect what we have and we don’t  talk fondly about our country. But this discussion is for another article.

I big thank you to Razvan and Andra Pascu  &  the Tourism Development Association in Covasna county for this beautiful initiative. This trip brought back many childhood memories, but in the same place I have discovered and experienced lots of new wonderful things.

Kisses and if you have visited the area, let me know your suggestions & impressions.

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#viziteazacovasna #tinutulconacelor #balvanyosresort (7)

#viziteazacovasna #tinutulconacelor #balvanyosresort (8)

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