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6 Nov

The new collection UrbanPost

UrbanPost colectie

Three years ago, back in Arad, I discovered UrbanPost and ever since I had constant collaborations with them. Together we designed a coat & vests collection, but besides that I’ve always worn and still wear their clothes because they perfectly match my style. In addition to their well-known creations, UrbanPost launched and exclusivist brand of itself called “Kobja”. Here you can find a post I wrote a few months ago.

Now that I’ve quickly introduced you in the UrbanPost universe, I want to show you the newest WF collection and some ways to match the items. The items are designed to be versatile, destined to be worn in many ways, but at the same time, they’re created to respect the trends of this season.

Photos by Iuliana Popescu

Checkered patterns are such a catch this fall, especially the brown & caramel or black & grey ones. So I decided to value the checkered patterns in four different attires, from elegant to smart casual, in different perspectives thanks to the flexibility of these garments. I created an elegant touch wearing the UrbanPost vest as a dress and then added the burgundy boots to the match ‘cause they are a roaring trend this season.

The mix between the warm shade of the checkered patterns and the red, Bordeaux or strong green accents is a brilliant idea for the FW season and what I like most about it is that it gives me the freedom to design creative attires especially in the cold season when the cold shades are everywhere. It is the case of this checkered blazer which I chose to add as an androgynous piece to both looks. It’s interesting how this item is the perfect match for two eclectic looks, on one hand along with flat shoes, on the other hand combined with boyfriend jeans and stiletto shoes as a chromatic accent.

I have to tell you that as soon as I tried these checkered pants I fell in love. I love to wear clothes that make me feel free, but, at the same time, I’m interested in picking the catchiest items, therefore it’s the perfect pair of pants. I like their 70s cut combined with the elegant checkered pattern and the red chromatic accent. It’s that pair of pants that get you out of the comfort wearing zone.

It’s a fact that these items have an unique versatile look and if you feel like being bold, you can wear the Blazer and the pants as a whole suit, either in a match with stiletto or some soft sneakers in order to have a real androgynous appearance.

And these were just a few of the combinations of style you can make. Now it is clear that I like to invest in timeless versatile items.

Which is your favourite item? Which one would you choose? The vest, the blazer or the trousers?

To see the full collection, click here.

I wish you a stylish fall!

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