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16 Nov

How to spend 6 days in Greece

Until 2 weeks ago Greece was just about Athens and a few popular islands in my mind. But discovering Athens and the region of Peloponnese in 6 days was the ultimate mind changer for me and I will tell you more about it. The thing is that everything happened on fast forward, so it challenged my taste to discover more of it and for sure me & Sandra will come back there to take a tour in our car without rushing.

But first things first. The Greek National Organization of Tourism based in Romania invited me together with 6 super ladies to visit the newest popular regions from Greece. In fact, a small number of them because the Greek government created an entire raising tourism agenda for the least popular regions.

Romania is connected with Athens by courtesy of Aegean Airlines and Tarom which operate frequent flights, but soon the Kalamata Airport will be connected also.

Straight from the airport we went to our first point, the Lagonissi Grand Resort, a super resort which is built on 72 hectares on the shore of the Athens Riviera. 10 restaurants, bungalows, a heliport, a chapel for weddings and a huge spa were a few of the many more services this gorgeous place offers. And you will see that I am writing nothing but gorgeous about this place, not because this is my style of writing, but simply because I was impressed by everything I saw there. I haven’t made up my mind yet which of the places I saw could be the number one.

Grand Resort Lagonissi

But coming back to the Lagonissi Grand Hotel, you need to know that it’s a seasonal hotel which it’s closed from the mid October until May. You can check their site here to be up to date.

Grand Resort Lagonissi

Grand Resort Lagonissi

After we visited the so called moving ceiling flat, which by the way was as big as a house, where JLo and Leonardo di Caprio spent some holidays, we had a tea on the sea view terrace and then rushed to our next destination. Did I tell you that we were permanently hope off, hope on? ????) I’m kidding, but that was the way I felt because every day I wanted to spend a few days in every place just to enjoy everything Greece was offering.

The Hilton Hotel is way more than just a hotel, it’s a business, culture & social life hub; a business center, an art gallery and a starting point in Athens, all in the same place. It was designed to be a short term stay hotel, including conference room, spa, hairstyling studio, restaurants, meaning everything you need to avoid the traffic. The fact that it’s based in the heart of the city, makes it accessible in any touristic point, and you get to see Acropolis from the balcony.

Hilton Hotel AthensHilton Hotel Athens

We had a brunch here too, and besides the delicious fish we had, I tested 5 distinct types of cakes. I know, life is though when you come back with 3 kg gained.

Hilton Hotel Athens

Stuffed with coffee or black tea, we headed to our accommodation, Airotel Stratos Vasilikos, not for sleeping, but to leave our luggage safe and then we went straight to other 2 destinations: Vouliagmeni lake and Divani Apollon Palace & Thallaso. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the lake because of the dark, but we came back the next day. We couldn’t miss to swim in the warm water along with the peeling fish.

The super spa Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso looks just like a Greek temple built to cherish water. It has the largest thalassotherapy pool from Greece, 270 sm, 16 different jet zones plus the individual treatment cabins.

Divani Apollon Palace&Thalasso

Divani Apollon Palace&Thalasso

I think that everything we saw during this holiday has something special from the Ancient Greece greatness. Everything here is built on I don’t know how much acres, offers the most exclusivist services and then comes the greatness of the places that comes along with the amazing story of its own.

But there is more to tell about in the next posts.

#travelwithmearoundtheworld guys!

Grand Resort LagonissiGrand Resort Lagonissi Carmen Negoita

Grand Resort LagonissiHilton Hotel AthensHilton Hotel Athens AcropolisDivani Apollon Palace & Thalasso

Divani Apollon Palace&Thalasso

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