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22 Mar

5 unusual things to do before entering a relationship

Darlings, I’m not an relationship expert, but I want to share a couple of life lessons I came across along time. Some of I have reconfirmed by talking with people who have gone through similar experiences. This is for the women following me, but that does not mean things do not apply to men also.

If you are someone who knows what you want from life and compromise isn’t in your character, I have to tell you “Welcome To The Club”.

1.Check his social media platforms. I know it sounds creepy, but it would not hurt to check his Facebook or /and Instagram account. Social media platforms have become a kind of CV. It is better to do it before entering the relation because you’re detached, objectivity being the filter through which you look at things. Sooner or later all you’ll end up doing that and it is better to know what you’re getting yourself into. Otherwise you’ll become a freak who’ll his check page every 2 minutes.

It really seems like you are invading someone’s property, but believe me, a big part of what he follows, what he post is defining for him as a person. If over 50% of his list represents characters who expose various anatomical parts of the body, those parts, your losing time if you don’t fit the profile. The man has a mindset while you’re outside. Just think about it.

Here comes another situation, one in which you’re only fooling yourself. You might consider that, if he doesn’t like pictures of a sexual nature everything is okay. However, why he is following that profile? Does watching is not enough without being accompanied by a like? Men are dominated primarily by sight, so you kinda realize why one needs these pictures.

Ouch … there’s another one. If 5 months ago he posted messages with “You’re the love of my life”, “You are gorgeous,” “My Life Would Suck Without You”, etc, etc, and after another two months has the same text but addressed to another person, believe me, the man has nothing to do with romance. Emotionally fragile !!! Run, run, run.

2. Spend one night with him! You need to stay at least one night in the same room, even if you do nothing (it would be better not, otherwise the character has reached the goal). Why to do so? To see how it’s his hygiene, maybe they spend more time in the mirror than they should normally or has some strange habits, etc. Interacting this way you can discover a lot of things. I, for example, have a little obsession. I hear when someone flushes the toilet and I panic if I don’t hear water running in the sink. My mother taught me to wash my hands every time I use the toilet. Normal, right? Well … if the character in question doesn’t do that, you realize in that second I’d freak and somehow guide him to the bathroom. If not … it’s serious. Do not hesitate to ask directly: “Your mother taught you that?”. His reaction may give you more clues.

3.Spend some time in his house. Related to the point above, don’t meet only at your house! First it’s better to be on your territory , but you should see and where he lives. Discover what is important so that you know if you want to get more involved or not. I recently heard a story about a relationship that lasted several months. The meeting place was always at her home, never at him. Never!!! I’m wondering why? Because at his house it was a little crowded. In what sense? He was married and while he was involved in this affair, his wife gave birth. So you can wake up with this surprise, or he is living with his parents or his home may be a pigsty and you do not want to transform yourself in housekeeper. A trip to his home will answer you many questions.

4.Ask him about the women in his life. Matter how you put this question and the way you know to listen. If he comments negatively of every woman from his past, it would be better to let him go or you will become one of the “misfortunes” of. At one point I discussed a “gentleman” who criticises his wife who cheated him. Obviously I asked if he cheated also. The answer? Yes, he cheated. But he was keen to stress that it does not count because it he wasn’t caught. That’s the kind of mentality that we fight today.

5.Trust your instinct.And the last but not the least important. TRUST YOUR INSTINCT !!! Trust what you feel. It is true that we’re wrong sometimes, but mostly we’re not. If you’re wrong do not panic. Take it as a life lesson. Some relationships are strictly for that.

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    Relationships are tricky business 🙂

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