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4 Aug

5 pieces of advice for the person I was 5 years ago

I was challenged a few weeks ago by (which celebrates 5 beautiful years) to write 5 pieces of advice for me, the one from 5 years ago. Only relaxed, in Cluj I made time for a little retrospective.

I realized that 5 years have passed since I changed my prefix with 3, 5 years since I’ve divorced, 5 years since I’ve looked to change my domain of activity. How do you get from hotel industry to wellness club to lifestyle blogger and raw vegan restaurant? I haven’t got the slightest idea, but I freaking love what I’m doing right now. Well, I admit that the time I worked at the wellness club was also a great period in my life. Anyway!

What would I tell to myself?

Dear Carmen,

1. There is life after divoce! Oh, yes. Free to discover yourself as a person, to communicate freely, to meet people, free to read fashion magazines without someone criticizing you. And I say once again: Hell, yes!!

2. You think the mess in the house is the biggest problem? Wait until you have teenage kids.  Thing which happened. Now we have problems like: when do we get back home, who can we invite home when mom is not here, how should we not laugh at someone’s joke just to please them and many, many others.

3. If you want to be in good shape in 5 years start now! Last year I wasn’t pleased because my abs didn’t look really great. Now I wish it could be at least like it was last year. So I always want more, but I don’t exercise more. I hope at least to manage to be constant, because I never have time for more exercise.

4. Don’t stress! At 35 years you will look younger than now. After many hairstyle attempts, I think I found the one that represents me. But I don’t guarantee that I’m not going to get bored of it.

5. Preserve me from friends, God, because I can preserve myself from the enemies. Wisdom comes with age, when you understand that only 0,01 of friendships are true and family is the most real thing you’ve got.

Happy birthday,!!!






5 sfaturi pentru mine, cea de acum 5 ani
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5 sfaturi pentru mine, cea de acum 5 ani
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