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18 Jul

Meli Melo Deco in Park Lake

meli melo deco park lake

Hello, my dear ones! I’m back with new and exciting news, and it’s all about my latest collaboration with the Meli Melo brand – an accessory brand that I like a lot. I’m happy to announce I was named among the 5 Romanian influencers from different activity domains who contributed to the latest launch of the brand: Meli Melo Deco, an innovative conceptual store focusing on interior decoration.

meli melo deco

Meli Melo Deco in Park Lane Mall had its official launch couple of days ago, and it’s already the fourth such concept store in Bucharest. The shop had a great impact on all Meli Melo fans, designers and us – the ones who contributed to creating a special place that inspires people with fresh ideas and different points of view in regards to decorating your personal space.

It has been a great pleasure for me to take part in this project alongside my friends and family and was really pleasantly surprised to see that the people around me have such a great taste and appreciation to beauty and interior design. And in this case, the two really go hand in hand.

One of the best surprises for the guests were the 5 special corners that my fellow designer friends and me have designed, putting a little bit of “us” into every design. Even though we all have different careers, we all share the same passion and love for interior deco. Therefore, we made this an unique experience to the visitor.

I named my corner “Exotic relaxation corner”, and tried to make it as personal as possible. Given that I am a great lover of travelling to exotic places, I wanted to bring that feeling of arriving into a oasis of relaxation and peace into each home. Every time I travel, I discover new places, people, tastes, smells… And this is what I meant to achieve with my little corner. The transition into another world with just one step inside the little decorative space.

And I truly believe this is what should happen inside our homes as well. Our home is more than a living space – it is OUR living space where we breathe, where we experience emotions, where things happen and where we make memories. So creating a space that is unique and representative to who you are and what you love is essential in creating a place where you feel complete and blessed.

meli melo deco

Some of the other corners created by my colleagues were “Picnic on the terrace”, by Adela Parvu, “Wild elegance table setup”, by Mihaela Radu, “Marine-inspired bathroom”, by Carli Marian, and “Reading corner in living”, by Irina Cucu.

irina cucu meli melo deco

mihaela rada meli melo deco

The Meli Melo Deco in Park Lake Mall is the fourth one amongst the other such stores in Bucharest, located in the commercial galleries of Orhideea Center, Cora Pantelimon and Auchan Titan.

I really advise you to pay a visit to these pop-up deco boutiques and I promise you will love it and come back for a second round!


meli melo deco

meli melo deco

mihaela rada meli melo deco

meli melo deco

exotic corner meli melo deco

adela pirvu meli melo deco

carli marian meli melo deco

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