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5 Nov

How to make a chic sporty outfit in a cocktail

Obviously with shoes, accessories and other small details! I said this before and this isn’t the last the last time I’ll repeat it.Any outfit seemingly common can be changed with a few well-chosen items, in an amazing outfit.These elements depends greatly on the style you have and the style of the outfit , of course.

Photos by Iuliana Popescu


Shoes save me every time I’m in need. I can change any outfit with a pair of shoes with an attitude.

Shoes with an attitude  is a state of mind but also the name of a campaign by Tezyo and Dana Rogoz. If you did not know who is TEZYO? Is a multibrand shop Otter Distribution developed with cool & fresh products and a network of stores across the country. Also, now they have a fun competition where the big prize is a city break in Milan. Awesome, right?

I accepted their  challenge, to change outfits using accessories, with pleasure.

Jeans or shorts, plus a pair of comfortable sneakers and a roomy backpack really is the ideal combination for a casual outfit, especially when I to run errands during the day.


But for a demanding day of meetings, or cocktail in the evening I opted for a leather skirt and a pair of sandal – boots with a special model.

The rest depends on the attitude of course !!! In fact this means and shoes with attitude. Right shoes with the right attitude.

And because I  want you to join and the shoes with an attitude community, I have a surprise for you. Post on facebook or instagram with a pic with the most interesting shoes you have and #tezyoXcarmennegoita hashtag. You can win one of the three 30% discount vouchers.









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