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31 Aug

5 natural masks for a damage hair

I was telling you, in a Facebook live session, about my regenerative masks for damaged hair. After 2 recent dyeing sessions, my hair and scalp need to be hydration. Every week, I try to do at least one treatment, sometimes at the salon, sometimes at home, but a week won’t pass without doing something. Even before, when I didn’t have such damaged hair, I didn’t neglect the treatments, but didn’t do it so often.

In todays video, I choose a mask designed by Vegis exactly for damaged hair. I used to buy separate oils and combine them as best as I could and knew. I find it very interesting that they just sell them as a package and teach you how to combine them. For details on how to combine the mask see the video and this also. You’ll find another interesting mask here.

Other  treatments that  I’ve used  for dry and damaged hair are:

Egg yolk mask, in which I added vitamin A and castor oil to make a smooth paste. Apply just like in the clip and leave it as much as you can.

Jojoba oil, castor oil and almond oil mask.

Argan oil, castor oil and rosemary oil mask.

All these essential oils can be combined with egg yolk base or as they are. You will see that your hair will shine, thicken and be hydrated … exactly how healthy hair must look.

I know that if I did not try all the  crazy things on my hair, it might look better, but as I was telling you some time ago, I quickly get bored and feel the need to make all kinds of changes. In addition I like to experiment. I am not afraid of radical changes. So, until a new hair madness I  try to repair as much as I can.

Until new hair dyeing sessions, let’s take care of our hair, quick, cheap and efficient with these wonders we have our disposal. 

If you know other combinations for amazing hair masks, I’m willing to try them. Sharing is caring!


Video by Iuliana Popescu

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