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25 Oct

2 effective strength training

I was “owed” you a video from the “Let’s be in shape this summer” series, series that has not ended and will continue this fall. I need to think of another name. Maybe you can help me and I with an idea. ?

In debt because I  posted  the clip on Youtube and I did not share it with you on the blog and on my social channels. You can follow me on youtube and be the first to know everything that I post there, because sometimes I post them on the blog with a little delay. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

In the video I’m telling you about about  two effective strength exercises that if you follow consistently, you will see results quickly.

The first one is working with free weights, weight training, which I do with with the help of some clips sent by  of my trainer from  Brasov, Carmen. If you have a passion for sports & working out, you sure know on her from instagram.

The second is electro. I train at Body Time, where I have a dedicated coach during all the sessions.

More workouts and new machines I’ve tested in the next episodes.

What types of workouts do you do and which  are most effective?

Video by Iuliana Popescu

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