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26 Oct

Barcelona mi amor

I love to travel!!!

Oh yeah. Every week if I had the time and money. Not long vacations, but city breaks, so I can charge my batteries. What, you do not experience a feeling of freedom every time you step into the airport? I  do and I’m super inspired to write on the plane… ?. Ok, if I didn’t stay up all night to make outfits.

Every week certainly I can’t , because I have to work, but once a month I try to breath fresh air, be it for work or relaxation.

One of the reasons I like my jobs is  that  they give me freedom of movement. It is true that sometimes they are costly if you do not organize in time, but if you know where to look when you buy it, you can discover some wonderful places, at a very decent price. I have an idea for another post. I promise to write it soon, it’s with very useful tips & tricks.

But now let’s talk about the sunny Barcelona, which I visited recently.

Although I visited it several times, Barcelona is the city that I never get tired  of and I feel like I’m always on the run and I do not get to do anything.

This time I didn’t go to visit it. Two days in a retreat without phone was a true detox. This trip was a gift from my boyfriend, to connect with people offline and learn to devote them time without checking my phone out every 5 minutes.

Don’t you think this was a punishment and I’m really thinking even to propose a trend among bloggers,  #ziuafaratelefon aka #nocellphoneday. Once a month we should not thouch it. Do you think anyone will listen to me? I do not know, but I’ll try.

But beforethe retreat I spent a few hours with Ioana and Madalina, who were in Barcelona and to take a couple of pictures for the blog. Once a blogger, always a blogger?

I’m wearing a trench that I love, from Marks & Spencer by Alexa Chung and do not ask me where you can find it , because it’s not available anymore. But they’re announcing a new collection soon, so stay tuned. I combined it with a H&M white shirt with flared sleeves, a pair of old Zara jeans, Zara red booties (a big trend this season) and a Charles & Ron wonderful bag. The glasses are just for the outfit, I see perfectly.?

Enjoy my pictures !!!

Photography by Rares Pulbere







I love to travel!!!






  • Ana Maria Blog

    Ce poze superbe !! Am auzit atatea lucruri frumoase despre Barcelona ! Imi doresc sa o vizitez si eu curand 🙂
    Imi place ideea cu #ziuafaratelefon dar sa fiu sincera, mie nu cred ca mi-ar iesi ..

    October 26, 2016 at 11:01 PM Reply

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