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12 Jan

Five reasons to choose short hair in 2016

The new year couldn’t start without a little look change. It isn’t a radical change like last year, but, truth be told, I ended up wishing short hair like my son. I always wanted this type of hairstyle and I don’t regret taking this step. Lots of my friends ask me if it’s easier or more complicated to maintain this kind of hairstyle. So, I thought of 5 reasons why should get a short hairstyle.I style it in 5 minutes. Don’t imagine that I don’t need to go the hairdresser… But not so often as I did when I had long hair. And, thank God, it’s very good, because in those hours I spent at the hairdresser, now I get work...
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23 Sep

#LFW Day 3

Denim Mania !!! Denim has always been a trend, but in the last two seasons I've seen a real explosion in designer collections and in street style outfits. I can not say that I dislike it, because I am of fan denim. It is comfortable, stylish and easy to accessorize. For the third day of London Fashion Week, I combined these Zara indigo jeans with a spectacular Venera Arapu dress. A mix of textures, leather, cotton, with back transparencies and a fun print, which is very significant for collection slogan "If the music is too loud, you are too old". As accessories I chose nude platform shoes from Gucci, which make me a little taller, yuppi, an envelope with an interesting design...
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23 Jul

Which type of living suits your personality

Photography by Iuliana Popescu / Make-up by Cristian Buca / Hairstyling Alina CartuI was wondering these days how the living of my dreams would look like. That space in the house that is nicely arranged, where you feel comfortable anytime and where you fill with good energy.Suddenly, I realized how many memories I have in my current living, how many pictures, how many birthdays and encounters with my relatives and my dear friends I had in here.It’s the place where we all see each other in the evening when we get home, the place where we welcome our guests, the place where all the family activities happen and by the way, it’s also the place where we will have a wedding ceremony on Sunday....
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8 Apr

“Spoiled from head to toe” with Hannami Shoes

The idea of being spoiled sounds very good to me, especially because I have very seldom such treatment. Most of the times, shopping is my oasis of pampering.So when I received from Hannami Shoes the proposal to relax for a whole day, and after that to go shopping, I accepted immediately. It sounded so good!I went in the morning to Tony’s Style, where I began a treatment for hair hydration. We continued with manicure, pedicure, make-up, everything ladies want.At the shopping part we arrived at Hannami workshop where I had a very difficult task- to personalize a pair of sandals. If you were never surrounded by a lot of models of shoes and as many leather colors, I advise you...
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6 Apr

A week of fasting with healthy and delicious raw products

For some years now I try to eat meat and animal products as little as possible. Currently, almost 70 % of my daily alimentation consists of vegan products. I’ve done a lot of research for understanding this lifestyle, in order to know which aliments are beneficial and in which combinations.What is more, I learned and experimented new recipes which are not just healthy, but also tasty. Raw vegan or raw gourmet, the way we have it at Rawyal Brunch and Cakes, means the transition from unhealthy food, tasty only because of the additives and flavor enhancers, to green, natural, raw food, directly from the nature.This doesn’t mean only vegetables and fruit, but also a series of natural aliments which, combined...
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4 Apr

Raw Banana pudding

My dears, even if I didn’t post a recipe on the blog in a long time, I have been searching and experiementing all sorts of combinations.Today I want to show you a pudding which was very good. Probably because I like bananas. I used a banana, 100 ml almond milk, three teaspoons of chia seeds, one teaspoon of coconut oil and one teaspoon of cinnamon. I put them in the blender and mixed them very well. I also made a dates sauce with orange juice and a litte cardamom. You leave the pudding in the fridge half an hour and after that you add the sauce.When I took the pictures, I realized it would have been a good ideea to add some...
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2 Apr

Green mood for Milan Fashion Week

“Simplicity is the essence of true elegance”, said Coco Chanel.I thought it’s good to start with this quote, because sometimes we have the tendency to forget about simplicity and we like to make things complicated. Especially when talking about fashion. The tendency to add a lot of accessories, the habit of putting on too much make-up. Not to talk about opulence.Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and see things more detached. Fashion and personal style don’t mean to stand out at any cost. Sometimes a relaxed style or a simple outfit can be so much more suitable. Not to talk about the fact that attitudine means everything. In the end, beauty and personal style come from within...
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30 Mar

Lem’s makes your home awesome this Easter

One of my greatest wishes in the last time is to redecorate my house. The color combinations I chose eight or nine years ago don’t please me anymore and that’s because my style has changed with age, and the trends changed also.The first thing I would change in the house is the kitchen. I want a countertop in the center where I can lay all the stuff when I cook. When I first saw in the USA this type of kitchen I was fascinated.I was as thrilled when I entered the Lem’s universe. I made a top three kitchens, but my favourite was, of course, the one with a middle island. And after half a day spent in the Lem’s...
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19 Mar

What i wore on my second day at London Fashion Week AW 2015

My dears, it’s not necessary to reffer to the color of the year anymore. Everyone’s been talking about it… But for this London Fashion Week outfit, I kept that in mind. I chose various red shades and the result was amazing.They say that red is forbidden to shy girls. It’s true! You’ve got guts? It’s absolutely necessary to wear red with an attitude! That’s what I did with my LFW outfit.The outfit was photographed for a long time and admired and it also appeared in some important fashion magazines. Enjoy!Photography by Rares Pulbere...
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