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6 Apr

A week of fasting with healthy and delicious raw products

For some years now I try to eat meat and animal products as little as possible. Currently, almost 70 % of my daily alimentation consists of vegan products. I’ve done a lot of research for understanding this lifestyle, in order to know which aliments are beneficial and in which combinations.

What is more, I learned and experimented new recipes which are not just healthy, but also tasty. Raw vegan or raw gourmet, the way we have it at Rawyal Brunch and Cakes, means the transition from unhealthy food, tasty only because of the additives and flavor enhancers, to green, natural, raw food, directly from the nature.

This doesn’t mean only vegetables and fruit, but also a series of natural aliments which, combined and prepared cold, are delicious and because we don’t prepare them with fire, at high temperatures, they keep all the nutrients our organism needs.

The transition from the meat and animal products feeding style to the vegan one is best done gradually. That’s how I did it, while discovering what is good for my organism. I listened to its needs, problems and in time, I’ve reached an ideal balance.

Raw food is really tasty and nourishing. For example, instead of eating sausage, cheese and all sort of heavy aliments, I can eat a single slice of raw cake which is so nourishing that I don’t need to eat anything else until noon. It has all the ingredients that my body needs.

What is more, because I did a lot of sports, I drink a lot of superfood smoothies and proteic salads which give me the necessary energy to make effort. Superfoods mean spirulina, maca, lukum, clorela, which alkalize the organism and intensify the combustion or Rawyal lemonade of lime, lemon, kiwi, mint and ginger.

So i propose you a menu for every day of the week which you can find at

Green Monday:

In the first hour we drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach. After half an hour, we drink a green smoothie.
We complete with 150 grams of cashew cheese, 50 grams of oatmeal crackers with buckwheat flakes, sesame, psyllium bran, mac, olive oil, oregano, honey.

Zucchini pasta with avocado and pesto sauce (200g, without cooking with fire)
A square of chocolate mint, spirulina and hemp.

Spinach soup- 250 gr.

Enjoy and tomorrow morning i will give you the Tuesday menu!

Kiss and stay healthy!!!



spaghete cu avocado si sos pesto


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A week of fasting with healthy and delicious raw products
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