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28 Mar

10 reasons why you should visit Israel – part II

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Because it was near, the next morning we took a short cruise on the Sea of ​​Galilee, the famous biblical scene where Jesus walked on water. Our group and a group of Chinese people, where the only ones on the boat and the hosts surprised us with a beautiful moment. They raised our countries flags and played each country's national anthem. Then they taught us a traditional Jewish dance After the cruise, I went to Capernaum, the town where Jesus did three miracles, where we visited the ruins of the synagogue and home and St. Peter. We continued our journey to Nazareth where we visited the church that houses the spring where the Archangel appeared to Virgin Mary...
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14 Dec

Banana Milkshake

Welcome back to my kitchen. Today I want to show you a simple, nourishing & delicious recipe: banana milkshake. I know at first sight it seems a basic recipe, but what I do and want to get you used to do the same, is to add superfoods in almost everything you consume. Why? Because these ingredients,  in very small quantities bring you a fantastic nutrients intake without calories,  a problem which is on everybody’s mind,  who is interested in a healthy lifestyle. Like I said in the video,  I hope soon, if time will be on my part, what superfoods I have and use in my home. Surely, this will not be the last time you’ll hear me talk about them. I...
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16 Jan

The hat, an extension of our personalities

In the last years we started wearing more and more hats. It’s a statement accessory, but also a sign of elegance and distinction. I am absolutely sure that even if you didn’t manage to wear hats with your daily outfits, you tried at least one on in your shopping sessions. It’s true that sometimes this accessory can be a lot of trouble. Yes, it’s not so easy to choose, considering that you have to pick one which completes the shape of your face harmoniously. And more, the hat should also be an extension of your personality. Well, the things can get simpler if you account for your fashion style. For those who preffer feminine outfits, you can choose bowler hats, also...
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15 Jul


My dears, I have participated at The Color Run – The happiest 5k on the planet, the event held in Cluj Napoca. I wish I went to the first edition this spring also, the one in Bucharest, But, unfortunately, I wasn’t in town. So, I planned that the weekend that has just passed, to experience that fine madness and also visit this wonderful town. Color Run is an international event that promotes health and sport and, at the same time, the joy of doing this together with other people without feeling exhausted. It is a great initiative which is had a bug impact in Romania, starting with its first edition, and this makes me really happy. The painting of the participants, the...
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14 Feb


I am sure that you’ve heard about Custo Barcelona but I am pretty sure that you didn't knew that Custo Dalmau, the designer and the CEO of Custo Dalmau, has 5 kids. Yes, yes, you got it right! Custo Dalmau is the father of five children and, miraculously, has the time to manage also the big fashion house, extended all over the world. I had the honour of meeting Mister Dalmau several minutes before his show during Barcelona Fashion Week and the interview can be read on my blog in the next couple of days. Custo Barcelona new collection, presented during Barcelona Fashion Week, is exquisite. I loved the mixture of textures with an impressive effect. For example, the camel coat...
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19 Dec


There are only  few days left until the most anticipated night of the year. For the New Year's eve party you should choose femininity, dresses being the most suitable for this purpose. If you still haven't found the perfect outfit, I am giving you a starting point: dresses with sequins or embroidery are a must have this season. Wager on these items and it is impossible not to be noticed! But don't take my word for it, the editorial below stands as proof. Enjoy!   Photography IULIANA POPESCU Location BUCHAREST / BRAGADIRU PALACE      ...
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