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14 Feb


I am sure that you’ve heard about Custo Barcelona but I am pretty sure that you didn’t knew that Custo Dalmau, the designer and the CEO of Custo Dalmau, has 5 kids. Yes, yes, you got it right! Custo Dalmau is the father of five children and, miraculously, has the time to manage also the big fashion house, extended all over the world. I had the honour of meeting Mister Dalmau several minutes before his show during Barcelona Fashion Week and the interview can be read on my blog in the next couple of days.
Custo Barcelona new collection, presented during Barcelona Fashion Week, is exquisite. I loved the mixture of textures with an impressive effect. For example, the camel coat (half wool, half faux leather) looks amazing. The line kept the traditional prints though.
Josep Abril had the only men fashion show during Barcelona Fashion Week. There I got to watch the handsome Andres Velencoso on catwalk and he made quite an impression. The main colors were grey, black and navy blue, but the asymmetries and the wool insertion details have provided the classic items an urban and chic touch. The collection is minimalist and targets urban men who love smart casual style.
Aldomartins by Nuria Bisbal had a colourful collection, with plenty of contrasts, in which ethnic, floral, geometric tartan and animal print details mix together. The basic colors are red, black and camel. Adomartins by Nuria Bisbal shows how you can mix masculine and feminine styles using bell style pants or skirts with men shoes, remaining at the same time sexy and comfortable.
“Raspsodia”, the Escorpion collection, is a symphony of colors. Vivid colors, even if we are talking about a fall-winter collection. At the same time, there are pastels, but also and black and white. Leather mixed with knitting offer a chic and comfortable feeling.
Martinez Lierah has launched Speedbird9 collection, an architectural and minimalist line, but, at the same time, elegant. Electric blue was the basic color, which I adore, followed by black. The details of the layers provide refinement and the metallic textures extra preciousness.
Isabel Toledo has presented a colorful, dynamic, joyful and feminine collection. The geometry, the simplicity and the focus on details belong to the brand’s DNA and this line was no exception. I should mention that Isabel Toledo is considered to be one of the 100 most influential designers right now in the fashion business.


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