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16 Jan

The hat, an extension of our personalities

In the last years we started wearing more and more hats. It’s a statement accessory, but also a sign of elegance and distinction. I am absolutely sure that even if you didn’t manage to wear hats with your daily outfits, you tried at least one on in your shopping sessions. It’s true that sometimes this accessory can be a lot of trouble. Yes, it’s not so easy to choose, considering that you have to pick one which completes the shape of your face harmoniously. And more, the hat should also be an extension of your personality.

Well, the things can get simpler if you account for your fashion style. For those who preffer feminine outfits, you can choose bowler hats, also known under the name of bob or bombin. This model appeared in 1849 and it perfectly ballances a delicate outfit. I say this because the bombin model is a masculine one.

For those who like androgynous outfits, the classic hats- fedora or topper, are the perfect fit. The brims can be small or big, simple or with ornaments. Don’t forget about your personality and pick the right color. The hat has to be an assumed accessory. So wear it with attitude. Especially when speaking about androgynous style.

The casual style should be a pretty easy styling exercise. This type of outfits, through their simplicity, give the possibility to choose a hat that can be the most important piece of the outfit. The element that gives a stylish touch to the fashion composition.

Fascinators or the extravagant hats are especially for the vanguardists. For people with a rich immagination and yes, we’re talking about a niche here.

One thing is certain, there are hats for every style and as an old Italian saying tells: “He who has a head, also has a hat.”

My outfit is casual today, perfect for a weekend in the mountains. Or it can also be integrated  in the urban space. The trousers and the sweater are from H&M. I love the palette of such a stylish duo. As for the boots, to die for. They are from Zara. And not the least, the hat. The protagonist of today’s talk. Cobalt blue, bowler, versatile and from Top Shop. Enjoy!

Photography by IULIANA POPESCU

Palaria, o completare a personalitatii
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Palaria, o completare a personalitatii
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