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30 Dec

@UrbanPost by Carmen Negoita – Palton Wild Cherry

I'm on the finish line with this end of the year, plus a lot of work. This end of the year is kinda busy.  Well, there's something to be done. But I promised you I'll tell you more about the collection I did in collaboration with UrbanPost and I intend to keep my word. The second coat from Urban Post by Carmen Negoita I want to show you is Wild Cherry. Why Wild Cherry? Because of the wild cherry colour, of course. Like Skyfall, Wild Cherry is a very versatile coat because of its minimal design. I choose to wear it in a more casual, masculine outfit, but the coat goes perfectly with an elegant attire as well, especially if you add a fur...
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16 Jan

The hat, an extension of our personalities

In the last years we started wearing more and more hats. It’s a statement accessory, but also a sign of elegance and distinction. I am absolutely sure that even if you didn’t manage to wear hats with your daily outfits, you tried at least one on in your shopping sessions. It’s true that sometimes this accessory can be a lot of trouble. Yes, it’s not so easy to choose, considering that you have to pick one which completes the shape of your face harmoniously. And more, the hat should also be an extension of your personality. Well, the things can get simpler if you account for your fashion style. For those who preffer feminine outfits, you can choose bowler hats, also...
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26 Aug


 Recently I did some shopping and I saw in H&M store this oversized white shirt. I liked it very much and I said I should do an outfit. So here it is! I find the white shirt perfect for an androgynous look, minimalist. But… pay attention, we don’t have to torn into men. We need to do a perfect balance, and through this we demonstrate that style is under control. I would start by saying that is not recommended to wear the white shirt with a pair of leggings, it’s not stylish at all. As for size, do not overdo it! It’s cool to be large, a higher number is enough. You can mix the white shirt with pants and...
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