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12 Sep

Bruschetta with avocado

My dears, I have always preferred easy-to-make recipes which do not give me headaches. Fortunately, there are so many that I never get to be worried. Until now I have showed you smoothies and other types of breakfast, but today I present you something salty, light, tasty and nutritious. I have used all grain bio bread with sunflower seeds from Cereal Bio, which you can find at Plafar and Carrefour bio stand. Then I added avocado paste (one mature avocado smashed with the fork topped with a bit of pink Himalayan salt). I have decorated it with bio tomatoes from Bio Legumina ( and a bit of cashew cheese. You can use normal cheese or you can find cashew cheese at...
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5 Sep

Blackberry smoothie

Because we are still in the blackberry season, here is one great smoothie recipe. Mix frozen blackberries with fresh blackberries and one banana and mash them in one blender. You can eat drink it like this or, if you want it to be more dense, you might add nuts, cashew or almonds.  Do not forget to add one superfood  (maca, lucuma or msm) or a cup of protein powder, if you need a protein shake. Add filtered water or coconut water in order to make it more fluid. Enjoy!~ ...
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29 Aug

Chia and Blackberry pudding

As I announced you last Friday, we continue talking about new types of chia pudding which I adore. Today I give you a mix of chia with blackberry, which looks amazing, as you can see. This is just my inspiration for the moment, but you can play with any other fruits you want, as long as you respect some basic indications, good for digestion. Try to use just one type of fruit, either acids or sweets, because combined they make the digestion difficult (it depends really on each organisms). Therefore, when you try new mixes, analyze how you feel afterwards. There is no recipe that works well for everybody. Chia pudding (you can find the recipe here) is mixed with blackberry...
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21 Aug

Chia and raspberry pudding 

I have always enjoyed experimenting by mixing  ingredients for breakfast. Since I started working at Rawyal, I have become more creative. Today I want to show you how to prepare a colored breakfast. I was inspired by the layer colored juices which let me wonder what could I mix more to have nice and healthy wonders for the first meal of the day. I chose chia pudding and I made two interesting mixtures, colored and tasteful. (This is not only my opinion, but also what everybody from the photo shoot said). Today I present the first mixture and next week one more complex. How can you make the chia pudding? It’s easy. You need chia seeds and coconut or almond milk....
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15 Aug

Raw vegan ice cream

  We still have a few weeks of summer while we can enjoy the season’s sweets. This week I bring you a very tasteful, easy to make and especially healthy ice cream recipe. Personally, I am not a big fan of ice cream, but this one is absolutely delicious. Tested by me, by my kids and some friends of mine. I hope you like it. Ingredients: Bananas Nuts Vanilla powder Fruits for ornament First of all, leave 5-10 bananas in the fridge (depending on how bug the ice cream you want it to be) for 10-12 hours. Then put the frozen bananas in a blender (it is to be strong or to have an ice breaker knife. I am using Thermomix), add some nuts and a bit...
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7 Aug


My dears,  Those who know me well are aware about my huge interest in sports and healthy food. The latter has increased since I started to study about raw vegan gourmet. That said, I decided to launch a new category, here on my blog, where I post, once a week, a healthy and delicious recipe, one that I personally tasted and prefer. Today I introduce to you the lemonade made of goji berries and ginger.   1 L Water 25-30 g Honey 20 g Goji Berries 20-15 g Ginger 100 ml Lemon juice   You can make it at home, or, more simple, order it directly from Rawyal Brunch & Cakes ( 24 Ardeleni Street, Sector 2, Bucharest, tel: 0730 777 221, ).   SHARE...
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4 Jun

For the love of health food

They say there is no more sincere love than the one for healthy food. Following up this saying, which I totally agree with, together with my sister I have opened a raw vegan boutique in Bucharest, where we cook, eat and enjoy the extraordinary tastes and, of course, where you are always welcome!  Accept our invitation and we will show you the path towards new favors, tastes and textures. I am aware of this as the products from our boutique are not delivered from animals and are not fried or boiled. Our menu is an invitation for healthy lifestyle through a wonderful journey of tastes.  In case I Have already made you curious, come and visit RAWYAL BRUNCH & CAKES on 24...
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