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17 Mar

How to treat water retention

Glad your back, darlings! I’m pleased to have Alina Stoica in my kitchen, nutritionist, who told me about a very important subject for us women, water retention. In addition, Alina offered me three simple recipes, within reach, but very tasty, perfect for those of us who face this problem, whether it’s swollen hands or feet.

Alina Stoica:,, It is very important to find solutions to every problem we face, particularly healthy solutions. Let’s get back to nature and find the appropriate solutions to these problems. ”

Well, it seems that we have found one of these solutions, and it is right on our tables. For this, together with Alina we cooked three simple recipes with green ingredients rich in vitamins, nutrients, chlorophyll is the basic element, of course. I’ve said that I am a big fan “green”!

For the first part of the day we prepared a smoothie ideal for when your looking for an easy solution, whether it’s breakfast or a healthy and fast snack.

This are the ingredients we need for the smoothie: APIO, which has an important role for the lymphatic system, detoxifies and cleans blockages, removes like a sponge all the toxins in our body, celery, avocado and ginger. This is a powerful smoothie, giving you a vitamin boost and has spectacular effects on health, metabolism and immunity (when talking about ginger).

If you have ginger within reach, you can prepare vitamin shots, replacing coffee perfectly or you can add it in salads, soups, according to the taste that you feel comfortable with.

Also, avocados can be introduced in the first phase of diversification, there are no restrictions related to the amount that you use. Texture is very important in a smoothie. There are people who want liquid smoothies and then we should not use a huge amount of avocado, but there are people who like a creamy texture that is as close soup. Thus, these ingredients can make a cold soup, like a raw vegan soup we don’t cook it, just blend them together. And so we have a 2 in 1 recipe !

For the second part of the day we cooked a cream soup that is also a remedy for water retention. Ingredients needed for the soup: broccoli, squash or zucchini and celery. We basically the same ingredients with which we can make different recipes with small changes.

In addition to healthy recipes that Alina proposed, she told us some interesting things about what water retention means and tricks that could help solve this problem. Thus, while I’ve been a good apprentice chef, chopping vegetables needed, she shared with me some interesting ideas related to water retention.

Alina Stoica:,, There are women facing water retention during menopause, PMS, during menstruation and ovulation. Basically, there are people who are predisposed to lymphatic blockage during this “line”. I’ve met even after a longer flights, blockages on different areas of the body depending on the pressure that was put on lymph nodes. Physical inactivity is a contributing factor and it is very important exercise every day. There is a lot of pressure on the lymph nodes in the groin, and behind the knee also. ‘’

Now that you know some important information about water retention, you can move on to preparing recipes that are a treasure for your health!

Cream soup:
1. Cut celery, broccoli and zucchini, then boil them 10 minutes.
2. keep apio fresh and add it to the blender.
3. put parsley, basil and herbs depending on your preference.
4. Add the broth in which cooked vegetables depending on the desired texture
5. a pinch of salt.
6. blend the ingredients together.
Decorate with parsley, basil, chia seeds, ginger, depending on your preference.

Smoothie / cold soup:
1. half avocado
2. ginger (to taste)
4. broccoli
5. celery
6. 2 teaspoons of chia seeds
7. water (depending on the desired texture)
8. blend the ingredients together.

From the same composition we can have two different recipes, suitable for any time of day.
Cold soup can be decorated with basil / parsley and chia seeds.
You can ad lemon juice to the smoothie and adjust the consistency according to your preference.

I wish you bon appetit! Waiting for your comments and suggestions related to these recipes in the comments section.

Video by Iuliana Popescu

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