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28 Mar

10 reasons why you should visit Israel – part II

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Because it was near, the next morning we took a short cruise on the Sea of ​​Galilee, the famous biblical scene where Jesus walked on water. Our group and a group of Chinese people, where the only ones on the boat and the hosts surprised us with a beautiful moment. They raised our countries flags and played each country’s national anthem. Then they taught us a traditional Jewish dance

Israel, Sea of Galilee, travel

After the cruise, I went to Capernaum, the town where Jesus did three miracles, where we visited the ruins of the synagogue and home and St. Peter. We continued our journey to Nazareth where we visited the church that houses the spring where the Archangel appeared to Virgin Mary and then the church that houses the house where the Annunciation took place.

Israel, Capernaum, travel

At the end of the long day, but full of memorable experiences, in the evening we went to Haifa where we stayed at Villa Carmel Boutique. There I went to a local restaurant where we had the opportunity to attend a traditional engagement and observe local rituals: the arrival of the groom, meeting of the two families, the dressing of the bride with many jewelry, the priest’s blessing and specific music for this occasion .

Next day I visited one of the places that delighted me the most, Bahai gardens, which are considered the 8th wonder of the world and are part of the UNESCO heritage. The people who built these gardens belong to the Bahai religion and tend to build parks and gardens instead of churches or places of worship. Custom that seemed very interesting to me and with which I resonate.

Israel, Bahai Gardens, Travel

I liked the Bahai Gardens as much as the port city of Acre, this considered UNESCO heritage too , is an incredible mix of architectural styles.

Israel, Akko, Acre, Travel

Photo taken by Itamar Grinberg for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

Eventually, went to Tel Aviv where we stayed for two days. We stayed at the Herods Hotel, located on the beautiful promenade of the city. After we had dinner in a traditional restaurant, where we ate a sensational fish dish, I went out to discover the nightlife. I did not expect to find so many clubs, so much fun and so many young people. The city has a sensational vibe. Tel Aviv is a very cosmopolitan city and people really know how to party, which I thought was very hard because I did not expect this!

I finished a great trip in Israel with a tour of Tel Aviv. Here I was at a local market where all the dishes were cooked on the spot. I, of course, was impressed by the varied & enormous quantities of fruits, but also by the vegetable stalls, because I make a lot of green juices, and among these stands I felt like I was in paradise.

I then made a tour of local designers and surprisingly saw some interesting items. Classic Israeli designers use predominantly cashmere in their pieces, with according prices, but also young avant-garde designers, with pieces of silver, wood, minimalist influences that I liked a lot and inspired me. I did not expect them to be so open mind on this kind of fashion.

Israel, TelAviv, Travel, Trip

I tried to compress as much as possible my experience in Israel. I would have needed pages and pages to tell in detail what beautiful moments I spent there. The country is truly sensational and worth discovering every corner of it. Israel is not only a pilgrimage to the holy places. It is a modern country full of stunning natural beauty, great places perfect for fashion editorials, a good vibe, with plenty of street art, many avant-garde designers and with a good nightlife.

Worth to get there both as a holiday of 1-2 weeks and as a city break. El Al has often special offers for this.

And to wrap everything i told you about in these two post, i want to share with you 10 reasons why i’d go back to Israel.

1. The fairytale places. Finally visited legendary cities with a rich history and culture.

2. The food. Honestly I thought it was a culinary trip: from fish to organic vegetables and even sweets. I must admit that I exaggerated a bit with sugar.

3. The spices and seeds. It is one of the few countries in which I returned with seven different kinds of spices, including ginger powder.

4. The Beach. Besides Tel Aviv which has a beautiful beach and seafront, I was delighted by the therapeutic resorts, and the Red Sea that I did not get to visit. (Next time will it definitely be the first on my list)

5. The Dead Sea. Besides the unique landscape with rocky beaches, I took advantage of the therapeutic value of salt water.

6. The beauty products. I liked Ahava, and many other brands based on mud and minerals extracted from the Dead Sea.

7. The landscape. In every city I visited, I enjoyed extraordinary landscapes; both panoramas and natural beauties.

8. The night life. I managed to visit about six clubs within a few hours and I concluded that these people really know how to party

9. The fashion. I found traditional designers and young avant-garde designers. Unfortunately, we had only a few hours available for that. Next time I hope to have more time and maybe even get to the next FW.

10. Wellbeing. I know I have repeated this several times, but this country has given me a positive vibe and a sense of peace, despite what is said about it.

This is not just my opinion, but many readers who recommended me to visit Israel, and friends who have been there and want to return soon.

But there’s a saying in English: Do not listen to what they say, go see for yourself. ?

Have amazing travels and I’m waiting for your impressions.

Israel, bahi Gardens, Haifa, Trip

Israel, Capernaum, Trip

Photo taken by Itamar Grinberg for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

Israel, Capernaum, Travel

Israel, Bahai Gardens, Travel,

Israel, Akko, Acre, Trip

Photo taken by Itamar Grinberg for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

Israel, Capernaum, Travel

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