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6 Jul

Everything about the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2016 press trip

Before my vacation in Panama, I had a two days Tommy Hilfiger marathon in Athens together with a couple Romanian journalists.  If you follow me on snapchat ( carmennegoita ) you surely have seen my their gorgeous showroom and the new collections. If you didn’t, I’ll talk about the new trends, plus a couple of beautiful places we visited in our free time there. After the flight to Athens and a change of outfits, we started our morning in the Tommy Hilfiger showroom. In a navy decor, inspired by the NYFW catwalk I admired pieces from the Women’s Runway collection, which I adore, but also the Denim & Men’s collections. Let me tell you a little secret, Tommy Hilfiger is...
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17 May

The meaning of 5

Maybe you’ve seen that lately, on Facebook or on Instagram, Romanian influencers (myself included) have started using the #hmsuperbday and #hmhappy5 hashtags. Well, that’s because H&M  is celebrating 5 years in Romania. Should 5 be just an ordinary number? At first sight it just might seem so, but five is a number that has been attributed, throughout history, to a lot of meanings. In Chinese culture, five is the conjunction between Yin and Yang, five is the number of the heart. The Hindu tradition consigns five as the number of Shiva. The Buddhists consider that five is the number of the integrated perfection. Five is about people. Five is about… #hmsuperbday. [eltd_blockquote text="#hmhappy5 means 1825 days and at least as...
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29 Apr

Where, how and especially what should we wear on the 1st of May?

Despite calendars that show us that summer begins in June, most of us celebrate its coming on May 1. The days become longer and warmer, the terraces open their doors and we spend more time out. Which means we'll need more clothes or more inspiration to create new outfits every time. That’s why today I'll tell you a little bit about some pieces of clothing and accessories that you can use in various combinations due to their ability to easily adopt depending on the context in which you choose to wear them. This season seeks a good spirit, the expressiveness and the creativity. It is very important to make the right choices in terms of fashion, but we must provide...
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30 Mar

Fashion & business at Cloud No. 9 Pop-Up Store

I think there is no need to tell how much I like Romanian designers. As you saw in my posts from Milan Fashion Week, my outfits contain many pieces of clothing and accessories created by our designers which I found really interesting. I am glad we have talented people who explore their creativity and imagination. But most of all I like to find some items that fit perfectly with my personality and my lifestyle, between fashion and business. As you saw in the shopping section on my blog, I worked with two Romanian brands, YVY Bags and Urban Post. Together we developed some items suitable for both fashion and business. This weekend I will bring these items closer to you...
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15 Jan

How to get back in shape after the holidays

During this period, after the holidays, we hear more and more about how to get back in shape and how the fastest solution is detox. Well, let me tell your that this detox is often misunderstood. For many, it means eating everything they can today and, tomorrow, for 3-5 days, consume only juice. And that's it! Then return to the disorganized eating habits of before. I believe this approach is more harmful to the body than not doing at all. Our body has a memory and, over time, gets used to our habits. When we suddenly decide to eat healthy for a short period of time, it gets confused. A detox should be a restart to another kind of lifestyle and our...
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4 Aug

5 pieces of advice for the person I was 5 years ago

I was challenged a few weeks ago by (which celebrates 5 beautiful years) to write 5 pieces of advice for me, the one from 5 years ago. Only relaxed, in Cluj I made time for a little retrospective. I realized that 5 years have passed since I changed my prefix with 3, 5 years since I’ve divorced, 5 years since I’ve looked to change my domain of activity. How do you get from hotel industry to wellness club to lifestyle blogger and raw vegan restaurant? I haven’t got the slightest idea, but I freaking love what I’m doing right now. Well, I admit that the time I worked at the wellness club was also a great period in my life....
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10 Jul


" Fashion is about having fun. " declared Helena Bonham Carter. And she is so right. And the fashionistas know how to do it very well. You know what’s the most interesting in this game called fashion? That rules change from a season to another. There is nothing strict. Boredom? No way. There is a lot of creativity and fun! Even God has humour, pay attention to different animals and birds and you will se for yourselves. So, come on and enjoy colors, prints, outfits full of light and joy. Let’s forget about drama, about gray and black. It’s summer, and Feeric Fashion Days is happening. And in Alba Iulia it was really feeric. In my outfit today you can find...
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9 Jul

Feeric Fashion Days Sibiu – Part 1

My dears, After two full, but beautiful days in Alba Iulia we moved to another amazing city, Sibiu, for the second part of Feeric Fashion Days. I started Tuesday with a very emotional moment. Atipic Beauty was present for the first time in the festival, and myself together with 11 fashion personalities and my blogger colleagues had the honour to walk the catwalk along with 12 persons in wheelchairs. Magda Coman, the president of Open Heart Assication told me in an interview that she wants all people with disabilities to be seen as normal persons, not to be isolated or discriminated anymore, and we gladly joined their message. The day continued in a #feeric way, at Brukenthal Avrig Palace, where we had the...
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6 Jul


We live in a world of contrasts, that is certain. Fashion isn't an exception. The black and white combo, was and is so explored by the designers that it isn't a trend anymore, but a classic line. And we just love to play with this two noncolors. It's a stylish game that we can fit in the "back to basics" category. We return every time with the same pleasure. I often think the woman who dresses in black and white definitely lives a colorful life! Today I preferred a less classical approach. This outfit with a futuristic vibe goes perfectly with the event I'm attending. - Feeric Fashion Days / Alba Iulia. A happening at which I'm participating for the second time...
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5 Jul

Feeric Fashion Days Alba Iulia

Who said that when you do what you like you don’t feel tired was right. After packing, 3 hours of sleep and a long road, I finally arrived in the beautiful Alba Iulia for the first day of Feeric Fashion Days. It is a pleasure to revisit the Alba Carolina citadel every time I’m in the area. We checked in at the Transylvania hotel, which by the way was recently renovated and looks amazing; we met the with the Feeric staff for the last details and recharged our batteries for a long but beautiful night. The night started with the collection of two Argentinian designers, Eduardo & Diego, from Sarah Jessy Jones. A collection full of color showcased in a gorgeous location,...
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