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14 Oct

Fashion bloggers celebrating Romanian tradition in Maramures

My dears, as you have already seen in my Facebook and Instagram photos, I have spent one 100% Romanian weekend alongside 15 fashion bloggers, all invited by our friend, Laura Maxim, in Maramures, the proper region for this kind of activity. In order to feel the local vibe, we decided that one day we wear something traditional. Though it wasn’t the first time I had worn traditional costume (click here), this time all of us had to mix tradition with modern, in one personal way. Imagine that everything became more interesting as I was surrounded by 15 creative girls. If you have already seen their posts, you realized that each of us used her own style. Even though I like manly...
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8 Oct

Paris Fashion Week | Street Style Selections

At Paris Fashion Week the street style was a real fashion show. An explosion of dress to impress people. Obviously, it’s amazing to see so many stylish and cool people brought together. So… I’ll give you the most interesting outfits captured by me and my photographer at PFW. Let the street-style-show begin! Enjoy!    PHOTOGRAPHY BY IULIANA POPESCU   The trip was carried out with the support of Air France Romania. Air France operates 5 daily flights to Paris - Charles de Gaulle. Details at www.airfrance.roSHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS...
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